chat buddy wifey/ ex: steve glochowsky

18 Mar

How is it again you have a “wifey” in another country you never met?

Is it like a fetus transplant and only certain special people know about it?

These people make sense and comments like no he/she is a chat buddy if you haven’t met.


Assigning a label to someone does not make it true or real.

Day by day he’s becoming more obvious.

Anyone posting pics looking like he does boasting tooth loss should just check out.

Dental update: steve glochowsky

16 Mar

He’s lost several more teeth.

Smiling like it’s normal…normal for a meth addict.

Our contact (retired dentist) says he is either a drug addict or has a disease that is causing it.

Lastly general poor dental care can also be a factor.

Some people refuse to brush, yuck.

Then they get butt breath.

Then they refuse to see a dr or dentist.

Then the tooth rot sets in.

Nasty mc nast nast.

By the looks of his diet it could be scurvy from lack of fresh fruit and veg.