Steve Glochowsky: If you disagree it’s ok, I ban you.

30 Apr

joe fann

Joe Fann knows what happens to those who question the rat.

Anyone who questions anything he posts is banned without question.

The rat says these people are all wankers.

The rat does not like it when someone is smarter or has more education than he does.

When caught lying he does the exact same thing.

By banning you he can hide his ignornace from others.

Steve Glochowsky: Used car salesman

30 Apr


Looks like the rat is shopping at the salvation army thrift store again.

Horrid wrinkled and very old clothing.

Maybe he got dressed in the dark or lost his glasses?

Look closely at the yellow/

brown colored teeth from years of no dental care.

Steve Glochowsky: All my friends are dead

30 Apr

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 4-1.11

Here is the proof of the unfriending of his FB page.

Rat would not remove him so he removed the rat and removed himself from the rat group.

Such a whining desperate loser he fabricates a friendship which had been extinct for years.


Steve Glochowsky: BWWM 2007 party reviews

30 Apr

From the achives we see here some older truths kept for posting at a later date, now.

One is a report from Brett about one inncident and the other is a second email from an annonymous sender regarding Tia.

Tia met Steve and he later stalked and harassed her with endless phone calls until she changed her number.

You think Steve would take the hint after several months?

Nope not Steve he just keeps coming and he kept sending emails and even started calling her friends asking questions about her.

This is documented and I know the people involved and yes it’s all true.

This sick sociopath feels if he has met you it’s a permenant life-long relationship lol.

Tia was from Detroit and came in with another group of friends for the party.

Steve booked the party at a club that was closed for remodeling LOL.

He came back to the hotel yelling at everyone to go to different club, he was ignored and everyone did their own thing without him.

This is a classic BWWM party of the year which is why no one shows up and no one cares.

It’s been over for years but Steve and his mental illness don’t think so.

He just keeps trying and trying with no results.

He’s now fat and old with no dates.

Tony Ragucci showed up with Darla.

http://profiles. tonyragucci

He seemed nice enough but when it came time to pay the tab at Wishbone

the trouble started.

After *** and I had reviewed the tab several times it was clear

someone had not put in enough money.

We had $97 and the tab was $177.

Darla came forward saying she had some extra drinks and they would put

in more.

It seemed they were hoping we would just pay the extra $80.

Tony pulls out I $100 travelers check.

I said you better check to see if they will accept that.

His response was “They don’t have a fucking choice”.

As we are leaving the waitress came running to the door asking who had

the travelers check?

Totally embarasing.

It seems he was trying to show off playing sugar daddy with Darla but

had no money left by dinner time LOL.

Next is Angel or What now from mysapce.

She was not at the party but sent a nasty email to me and several others.

Angry and lashing out in need of a life it seems.

http://profile. index.cfm? fuseaction= user.viewprofile &friendid= 92104273

Email copy:

Date: 06 Mar 2007, 01:39

Flag as Spam or Report Abuse [ ? ]

Subject: You don’t know me…

Body: Hey Brett..

I know that you don’t know me but I know a whole lot about you. I was

at the Red Roof Inn on Sunday morning tripping out with some of the


I must ask this of you…Why do you kiss Steve’s butt? I saw the

comment that you wrote on the group’s forum and you lied like a dog.

There were NO new connections that were met, Tia is pissed that Steve

was harrassing her, everyone was glad that the Club 151 was closed

(which I already knew), the dinner reservations were cancelled, Steve

annoyed everybody, Latissa and her friends had the best time when they

were away from the group, Tony was aggrivate and his girl Darla

too…the list goes on and on.

New connections? Brett please, everyone was surprised that you and

*** were together. That was a shock to me too. Both of you still have

Single as your stats..though I am not tripp’n I am just using that as

an example. Oh and furthermore, I can’t forget Will…his story is the

icing on the cake.

Brett you are the only person that can get it in Steve’s skull the

reality of this group. It’s lame and hell…so is he. The gator shoes,

the fake smile and the made-up lingo that no one understands but him.

That’s crazy.

I just hope that you think about it.

Oh yeah, one more thing…Tia soooo hates Steve. So please don’t

encourage Steve at all. If he comes near her, there will be a police

report filed and a lawsuit against the so-called copyrighted BWWM

group, which by the way is against the law. There are so things that I

going to surface within the next couple of weeks against Steve but

Brett, I don’t want you to be involved. Everyone said that you were

cool as hell so just be careful being around Steve.

I will keep you posted and stay cool…talk to you soon.



Steve Glochowsky: Nigerian queen

29 Apr

4-22-15 rat 2

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 9.31

Here we go again.

The nigerian queen is in chicago.

Yes back in chicago but she’s not with him lmao.

Also not speaking to him in his own group.

Hopefully she was smart enough to change her phone number.

The rat will allow her to post in his groups anyway.

She’s using his group to try and meet men after rejecting him.

The rat of course see’s it as a chance for him regardless.

Begging for a sniff.

Steve Glochowsky: History of stalking

29 Apr

rat 2002

This is funny.

He’s used this photo for years over and over again.

Here is the story,

He had spoken to her for a while through the yahoo groups.

She came into town late for the party.

Steve cried all night about waiting for her etc and so on.

The following day he had those photos posted and he claimed he met her after the party.

We were in the club until like 5am so it was an early morning meeting.

Here is the kicker: he had a film camera and in order to get the photos that fast he had to use a one hour photo place then run to Kinkos to have the pics scanned for uploading.

Yes he did all this to prove to everyone he really did have a date waiting.

No one else saw her and she was not around at any other events that weekend.

I think he said she had to go home and could not stay. ( Imagine that)

We suspected it was just a random hooker he picked up to get some photos.

Later on as time passed he fabricated a relationship was going on between them.

She lived out of the area.

He was not able to reach her.

She posted several times she was not in and had no interest in being in a relationship with him.

He defended saying “her yahoo account has been hacked” and “that is not her posting”.

He said the same thing about many others including michele williams who had photos with a mans cock and she was stroking it.

He said her friends pranked her and posted the photos on her page and she was not having sex.

Anyway in regards to this 2002 woman he referred to as “little woo” aka Karkeela it was all bullshit.

The lies became more and more elaborate and detailed.

Her phone was shut off and he had lost all communication with her.

He said her computer was being used by others in her family and they used her yahoo ID to post the fake information.

She just faded off and never talked to him again.

He at one point said he was going to have her car license plate number traced to find her real home address. Who saves someone’s license plate number? Is this normal? It is if you are a fucking SOCIOPATH.


Only a serial stalker would consider doing something that extreme.

He said he was “concerned” and “she may be in danger”.


So it’s your job to monitor this?

If she wanted to talk to you I’m sure she would have called by now (2 months later).

In closing he just posted this on FB meaning he keeps all these old emails and phone numbers and tracks them on FB to find the current profile.

Think about it?

He has kept her information for 12 years and is now actively trying to contact her.

Once again a one time meeting means we are joined at the hip kindered spirits and a life long relationship.

I have seen him do this behavior dozens of times.

The last charade put him up against facts and he was caught lying lying lying once again and he lashed out when confronted.

He is unable to accept the fact that any woman is not interested in him, it is not possible in his mind and doesn’t exist.

He posts this photos in his archives “first met” lmao ya first and ONLY meeting.

Once they meet him they make sure it will never happen again lol.

Steve Glochowsky: Trolling a funeral

28 Apr

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 5.41

Like we said, he’s trying to use his friends death as a tool to hook up.

Not only did he post the funeral info in every single group he has but he’s now taking a roll call to see who is willing to hook up with him.

The dude had not been active in those groups for many many years.

He posted the funeral listing without permission as well.

He has been in trouble before for posting peoples person info without consent.

Why would he “need to know” who is from St. Louis?

Reason: He wants to weigh his odds of hooking up for a pity frack.

Like I said before, he’s not even planning to attend unless he thinks he can get laid.

He’s using a funeral as an advertisement for a pity frack.

He would never spend the money on hotel and gas alone unless he was getting something out of it.

He won’t attend.

He will say he did anyway to save face.

Sick fucking bastard.


Steve Glochowsky: Lie protector

27 Apr

4-26-15 rat

Here is the hockeygirl who met David and reported him as a faker and a fraud.

Our operatives confirmed yes that information is true.

If not why would she say it?

Just another prescription drug addicted loser sucking off the system.

He got cancer and died now it’s boo hoo poor David.

Steve uses his death as a free PR opportunity boasting and bragging.

It’s a trip down memory lane now as he’s digging out old photos.

His great friend cut him off and moved on with his life.

Those are the facts.

Also because he’s a sociopath he doesn’t see people as we do.

They are tools to be used and exploited and manipulated for his own personal gain.

Unless he can eat it or fuck it he has no use for it in most cases.

He also doesn’t understand someone choosing not to be friends with him.

No, it is not possible because everyone loves him.

Especially with rejection from women, he keeps coming and coming at them even when they have made it clear they are not interested.

He keeps lists of names numbers emails etc. forever and will stalk and hunt them down online if possible.

Then when they surface he will boast and brag about the great friendship and such when in fact it was a one time meeting.