Steve Glochowsky: South side man

31 May


Steve lies claiming he is from south chicago.

His pansy ass jew parents moved him out when he was a small child.


To get away from the blacks that’s why.

Chicago is the greatest city he says.

Lookie here a snap shot from ashland ave south side where the whore michele williams lived.


Steve Glochowsky: Importing is the ticket

31 May

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 7.33.14 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 7.55.24 PM

(He thinks he’s phsycic and they communicate telepathically) um no that’s just your mental illness imagining things again.

Yes it is and after 20+ years of trolling groups and dating sites and personals etc he still can’t find a mate.

Would you date?

How about it doesn’t fucking matter but we do know no one will date you and you have zero friends.

Even dead david parted ways with you many years ago but you can’t take a hint can you?

Now it’s back to importing.

In a major city if you can’t meet anyone you are the problem.

Take a look in the mirror steve.

You’re fat and old with no money and a fucking toad face.

You could not even afford a one way ticket for her to visit.

Keep dreaming because it of course is true love just like the dream come true nigerian who blew you off like a bad habit and now posts looking for other men in your own damn group lmao.

Third world urchins will do and say most anything to get to the USA, anything.

So dream your dream it will never happen just like all the dozens of others from the whore all the way down line. Every single one was perfect and the future was being planned out. Only problem was they ignored you after they saw you in person scratching and picking your skin during dinner. I would take a chain smoker over an obese angry pig with a skin condition any day. Try some flea spray for that skin problem loser.

Mark the time line as 6-1-15 and see how far this bs goes.

Steve Glochowsky: I hate smoking

31 May

5-31-15 rat

Steve Glochowsky The Surgeon General’s Report came out in 1964. It’s not like the 1950’s where people didn’t know any better. We have had this information for over 50 years, and these wankers are crazy enough to still smoke!!! SMH!!!!

Mr big man with mouth a online is a spineless coward in real life.

A fat old pussy who has never tried any drugs and never even smoked  weed lmao.

Yep a mild buzz from cheap beer is as high as he’s ever been.

He’s a cunt pussy boy who has never done anything dangerous.

He was not even allowed to play ball because it was to dangerous lmao.

It’s like don’t knock it till you’ve tried it and the rat has never tried anything.

Most people who do smoke don’t die from it, most.

No one smokes anymore hardly.

Like the other pages we have added proving him a liar and hypocrite this comment is more of the same.

If some hood rat chain smoked he would be all about adjusting.

Posting on the board about topics he has no control over and no power to change.

The whore michele williams smoked cigs and weed and he said nothing.

The real question is who would want to date a junk food addict with a huge beer gut who is broke?

I love his topics on would you date etc oh and cheating lmao.

He will suck any black butthole chain smoking or no chain smoking.

I am not sure what his purpose is for the would you date posts either.

It is clear no one will date him period.

Smoking or not they ain’t interested.

The rat could be angry about this new blog I bet.

He’s lashing out again.

Operatives report he does read it and often.

Smoke up Johnny.

Steve “I shit my pants” Glochowsky: Tard games

31 May


Ftard and fat fuck modeling his outfit for us on sunday.

Oh doesn’t he look nice.

Showing off his new high end home with more plastic flooring lmao.

Ftard wall of fame as well.

When I see grown men dressed like that I laugh at them.

Clown show clown show you’re a fucking clown show.

Steve Glochowsky: Director of scams

30 May

design engine

Lies myths and half truths are not only his life online and off but also how he earns or rather steals money from people.

By lying.

If his lips are moving he’s lying.

Don’t buy into his snake oil sales pitch about landing new high paying jobs in digital graphics work.

It’s also a lie and no one trained at his company has ever landed a six figure job ever.

Ask for proof.

Get names and phone numbers and company information so you can check.

Joe Blow landed a temp job working for 2 weeks at dell computer.

He lied repeated to many people in his online groups including older black women who were flying in from a distance.

He lied to them repeatedly in order to obtain a free hotel room comp.

I can only imagine the lies he tells in order to earn a living.

Steve Glochowsky: Bragging, boasting, bullshit

28 May

5-28-15 rat

Today the rat again is repeating himself over and over like a broken record, again.

He has no money to travel even by bus so he lashes out claiming he doesn’t need or want to be any place else.

Food should be the LAST thing he is concerned about being 100 pounds over weight.

Good food is nice but if you abuse it you end up obese like him.

Let’s not forget about his “greatest city” being reduced to “junk” status on S+P not to mention the murder capital of the entire USA.

Chicago “Where men are men, and the sheep know it”.


Suck up that swamp land humidity loser before it’s time to bundle up in the knock off sports gear and hide under your bridge you fucking troll.


Steve Glochowsky: Garnished SSI

23 May

OCSE’s Policy on Allowable Federal Garnishment

The Social Security Act (the Act) permits garnishment of child support directly from the federal payor of “moneys payable to an individual which are considered to be based upon remuneration for employment.”  See Section 459(h)(1) of the Act.  These payments include certain federal benefits based upon remuneration for employment, such as:

  • Social Security disability insurance under title II;
  • Social Security retirement benefits under title II;
  • Civil Service Retirement System benefits;
  • Federal Employees Retirement System benefits;
  • Service-connected Veterans Affairs disability benefits received in lieu of retirement or retainer pay; and
  • Benefits paid or payable under the Railroad Retirement System.

Steve Glochowsky: Evon House Thompson

23 May


Evon House Thompson:


Operatives report she was raped as a child.

She was raped by a black man.

Her only reason for choosing white men is from her post rape trauma issues.

Also know for screaming temper tantrums.

Unable to enjoy normal sexual relations.

Now after 15 years of ignoring his group she is back as his cheerleader.

Rejection issues and angry with others in rat groups she stopped posting.

The people she doesn’t like are not gone we are here laughing at you.

Yes that’s right if your relationship is so great you have to go into a rat group and broadcast it we know the truth.

If you’re marriage is so great why the need to brag about it?

You said it once why say it again?

Is it because no one is listening and no one cares?

Yes it is lol.

Oddly she never posts anything on her own page even.

Her so called husband the Penn Gillette look alike is a fucking troll submissive.

He likes being dominated by her and her unresolved man hating issues.

He’s probably just as fucked up as she is proving yes there is someone out there for everyone.

Likely they both need to see a therapist.

One of the worst examples of why someone chose a BWWM relationship next to the rat himself.

Her failed music career is another reason she hooked up with a man who had a job.

It’s likely she doesn’t work.

Here is an example of why it failed:

“Hello Murph and the Magic Tones cancelled so can you guys fill in tonight?”

Mexican Riviera?

Try mexican shit hole lol drug infested toilet.

Watch out for the cartels who like to kidnap Americans and leave the body parts thrown around on the streets of Tijuana you ignorant twit.

The rat himself harassed her many times for dates.

He was rejected repeatedly but kept calling her anyway lol.

Operatives report: She hated him with a passion. Now she is best buddies? Sounds like Evon the moo cow has unresolved rejection issues. She is only posting to vent her anger over being rejected by men in his group. I guess she can’t afford a therapist since she’s blowing her husbands pay check on low end vacations. Her therapy is posting in a known deadbeat dad and stalker/troll forum.