Steve Glochowsky: Celebration day

28 Jun

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 10.12.02 PM

This is text book sociopath behavior.

He did the same exact thing with several other women including but not limited to the whore michele williams.

He was announcing weekly anniversaries for a while too.

Weekly? Monthly?

Ya because he runs out of shit to post about and no one cares.

Of course no relationship he claims he has ever even makes 1 year.

He claims the whore michele williams was 15 months but he never announced a 1 year anniversary.

This is once again his need to boast and brag and attempt to show off.

The best part of this is he has never met her in person and probably never will.

This is great material to document him being totally out of touch with reality.

You have an online chat buddy who you claim to be engaged to, you have never met and she lives 8000 miles away?

“Hey you guys look at me look at me I am so desirable I have to troll the net to find a third world urchin willing to submit to me and my endless demands to come to chicago to be with me”.

Anonymous says:

Who says “i love you” on day one. That’s really creepy

Creepy yes and he makes no mistake of broadcasting his mental illness online either and posting others personal business.

If you ask questions he will flip out and say “stay out of my personal business” translation: do not question my lies.

He said “hey let’s get married” she said “goony goo goo”.

The bitch doesn’t even speak english for christ sake.

Steve Glochowsky: Questions

28 Jun


Steve the rat claims his group is the “original the biggest and the best”.

If indeed that is true why doesn’t he have a website for it?

No website has ever been created because it costs money he doesn’t have and won’t spend.

What’s funny is we have our own website but he doesn’t lmao.

All the people he ran off over the years banded together and made a website to put him on blast.

The only way he can keep any activity on his groups is by opening the flood gates to third world urchins looking for a green card.

So answer us this question mr fat fuck world traveler.

Steve Glochowsky: Angry and obese

27 Jun

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 8.53.06 AM

Today the rat is lashing out again.

We know he cheated himself and here he scolds members on the evils of cheating.

Also still yapping about “a banned wanker”.

Those indians will probably get to her long before you ever do fat fuck so stay fat and angry and keep fucking dreaming lmao.

Steve “kenya: Glochowsky: kenya travel update

26 Jun

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 5.47.45 AM

We said it first here didn’t we?

Just 2 weeks into his online fabricated romance he’s already stopped talking about traveling to kenya.

Yes not one word about it actually.

We can see now his focus is “getting her to chicago” which of course will never happen or she would already be there.

He has no money to travel or cover the vast and complicated fiance’ visa process or the expenses incurred.

He will continue his delusion until he finds another unattainable target to obsess on.

No one is paying her way to come to chicago and he has no money.

Outside on winning the lottery there is no chance she will ever get to chicago.

To a desperate loser like steve a snowballs chance in hell is still a chance.

He lives his life based on that because he has NOTHING else.



Steve Glochowsky: Chicago is the greatest city

24 Jun

200 murders this summer so far and another every three 1/2 hours.

1000 shootings this summer, 22 on the road.

More truth from an independent journalist who went to the south side aka shiraq to get the story straight from the people who live there.

Don’t believe steve the rat or his lies and he has never spent any time in south chicago other than pick up and drop off of his whores.

Steve Glochowsky: Hungry for hippos

24 Jun

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 11.05.07 AM


Hmm steve claims to not be interested in “ghetto booty” but this picture here says other wise.



Here he is with a ghetto hungry hungry hippo, we all know steve has a closet full of hippos that he doesn’t like to speak about. When times get tough he’s always hungry for a hippo.

Steve “Kenya” Glochowsky: what we think

23 Jun

21008_816658728419406_973191288576314407_n copy

Here at truthers head quarters we were just saying steve should have a shirt to tell the truth about his deadbeat antics in the past.

We have some talented interns working for us so let it be done.

And so it is.

The truth as the world should see it not how steve the rat wants the world to see it.

Official rat tshirts will be available in small medium and large in 100% made in USA cotton. ($9.95 with free shipping)