Steve Glochowsky: foot job stroker

31 Jul


We all know the rat loves foot jobs.


He has openly come out as “enjoying his manhood being stimulated by feet” aka a foot job.

In short he likes women to jerk him of with their feet lmao.

We all know he aint gettin any these day so just in time here we have the foot job wanker toy for the rat.

You might as well stock up on these Steve because you will probably be dead before any female takes an interest in you again.

Hey Steve Glochowsky: the whore

31 Jul


Based on current pics you may indeed still have a chance with the whore Michele Willaims.


The reason is she has (like you) also turned into a fat lazy cow chewing her cud lmao.

She’s still looking for a sugar daddy and an upgraded lifestyle.

This may be a better option instead of importing from kenya.


You say she doesn’t speak to you and has no interest dating a fat broke loser old man wanna be player?

Imagine that even a ghetto skank has standards above the rat.

ROFLMAO pillow princess.

Steve “Troll” Glochowsky: arge

30 Jul




Looks like the penguin from batman lmao.

Fat penguin in line for another worthless autograph, well it’s worth maybe $10.

He pines for this and boasts and brags.

He is kicked out of the sox fans group in person events and pre game parties.

Truth operatives report no mention of him traveling to kenya.

No mention of when the wedding is?

No mention of how and when she will arrive in chi ca go.


He’s never going to kenya.

There is no wedding and she is not coming to chi ca go ever unless he pays all the expenses.

Sad fat delusional penguin.


Steve Glochowsky: sky box VIP

19 Jul


Oh ya he forgot to post this photo to prove he was at the game.


In the past he would post photos of his lunch receipts to prove he paid 1.99 for lunch lmao.

Good seats, bad seats no one cares.

We do find it odd that he had to wait a full day to post this photo which of course proves nothing.

Maybe he was too busy playing with his new free ring?

He walked over and snapped a photo.

Like the VIP sky box seats he bragged about before but he never showed even one photo because it never happened.

How come you are not at the sox fans group tailgate party steve?


Is it because you are NOT invited?

Hmm imagine that, even a bunch of fat old ball fans can’t stand to be around you.

Steve Glochowsky: Troll on the move

18 Jul

sophie troll

Sporting her new walmart print jump suit she looks right in troll style for these photo ops.

Hanging at some public pool she attempts to show off for any takers.

Modeling in the pool on the lounger even sucking down beer.

The rat better be careful she may be an alcoholic.

He had bad experiences with alcoholics before.

He married at least 2 women who were drug and alcohol addicted.

He married them for sex by choice.

She’s trolling for men or an enrique look alike.

The rat at his ball game watching his team lose and playing with his cheap sox zirconium ring.

Still the best comedy value in town.