Steve Glochowsky: porn promoter

30 Aug

8-30-15 rat

We all know the rat has a long history of promoting porn in his groups.

He will defend it claiming they are models or whatever.

Here today will see filth and low class cartoons from hustler magazine the number on sexist female degrading magazine ever.

This Taina person is a friend or relative of the sophie so it figures.

The rat is no class loser.

Never had it, never will.

Class is something that money can’t buy.

He has none of that either.

Steve Glochowsky: boasting/ bragging/ clowned

29 Aug

8-29-15 rat2

Hahaha look at the idiot.

Again in his ftard ball outfit.

Oh but wait it is an oh so special “game worn” sweat soaked even.

I bet he masturbates with it lmao while thinking of feet lmao.

He has nothing  so he puts on his retard outfit then snaps a selfie in attempt to gain attention aka attention whoring/ trolling.

New flash: no one cares and no one is reading it loser.

He has nothing to his name but a few ball cards and outfits.

Operatives report he may not even own a car these days.

Go away and die we say.




Steve Glochowsky: low end dining

29 Aug

8-29-15 rat

I know many of the high end even medium end places in Chicago and he never ate at any of them.

So to reinforce that point and further proving it we see here today at his senior citizens cafeteria with his early bird special 1.98 + his AARP discount of course.

Think hospital cafeteria food, plastic trays etc.

It is quite likely he eating at a hospital or local senior citizens home.

He of course puts something else on his little posting tag to try and fool you the reader hahaha. (mannys roach trap)

Just like “with sophie glochowsky” is a lie but he posts it almost daily because he wishes she was eating lunch with him because he’s old fat and lonely.

Let’s take a look at what’s on the menu today for cafeteria boy:

Pasta, bread oh and bread. High fat high carb for his active body and lifestyle. To drink? Green river piss soda when people from chicago I have asked have never heard of it but he claims it is legendary and historic. It tastes like shit I can confirm that.


Steve Glochowsky: Django convicted skank

28 Aug


Hey steve why are you not running your mouth about this black injustice?

15 days labor and 2 years probation is less than she deserves for public fucking in a parked car, dirty whore.

Oh and looking oh so manly in these pics.

I bet she has a penis.

Steve Glochowsky: Fine dining ala rat

27 Aug

8-27-15 rat

The rat today again boasts and brags about his expert restaurant eatery knowledge.

“Every major chef” is opening he claims?


If they are opening which i doubt you won’t be able to afford even an appetizer plate home boy.

Secondly unless it’s a flea bag operation the dress code alone would keep you out aside from cost.

These places he goes to are stores and markets trying to make ends meet by selling lunch for 1.99, 2.99 etc.

Mr fat fuck food expert is not buying high end anything these days.

“Lunch is a treat everyday” and night it appears.

Perhaps Mr food addiction compulsive over eater needs to skip a meal or two and join a fucking gym?

He’s in shape and ready to twerk it with his gurl sophie as soon as she finds a way to scrape up $20,000 US dollars to pay for her trip to meet him.

Steve Glochowsky: rat lives matter

21 Aug

Rat is a huge defender of blacks he is.

He’s a keyboard activist.

Once away from his comp he has nothing to do with it.

Clown show coward and poser is no where near any black communities either unless he’s picking up prostitutes that is.

This lady is pissed off about what blacks have done to shame their own communities and little to improve them.

See steve this is the real truth not the bs and lies you spew daily.

Hey maybe you can get a date with her right?

Steve Glochowsky: control

20 Aug

8-20-15 sophie

Even for 8000 miles away he’s trying to control her.

Even with them never meeting he assumes control.

She is not drinking it but he wants control over her even posting about it.

Not everyone who drinks is an alcoholic either but he makes broad brush statements as truth when in any circle of normal thinking humans he would be called out as incorrect wrong or otherwise ignorant.

Note the term “clucker” is like “hen” which are his bigoted hate words for white or light skinned and caucasian women. (rejected by mommy issues)

“Tucker” is his hate bigot word for anyone who is younger and better looking than him. Anyone who doesn’t subscribe to all black culture all the time mentality and ghetto lifestyle antics. If you have never dated a black woman you are a “tucker” or “rack head tucker”.

Steve Glochowsky: rapper

20 Aug

8-20-15 rat

The rat claims to be his own hip hop artist and rapper.

Have you heard it?

Sounds like a retarded third grader.

Also he claims to be a professional drummer. yes.

I interviewed him about it and it turned out after questioning he had not played or owned a drum set for many years.

I asked him what songs he knew, he said wipe out lmao.

I play piano and I know chop sticks too, professional.

Liar confirmed once again.