Steve Glochowsky: tag along lies

23 Sep

bday lies

Not drooling over her?

No imagining things again rat?

She is repulsed by your vile ugly fat ass like all the others.

No one took you for beers, you invited yourself then fabricated a story.

Once again lies and “it’s all about me”.

Why not just tell the truth and say you went with some students who didn’t invite you since you had nothing to do anyway because NO ONE CARES.

I have seen these stories hundreds of times.

He always fabricates lies to make it seem he is sooo important and people really want to be around him.

No they really don’t actually try to avoid being near you.

If you had brought a nigglete bush bunny from kenya no one would be impressed or intimidated you fat jew loser.

Stop trying to show the world you are better because you only date black women.

Most black women will go out with any man and have lower standards.

You fish in the gutter but claim prize catches.

You can’t get any other kind of women black white asian or hispanic.Your so called choices are forced because you have no other options only repeated rejection.

Any black women with a car and a job turned you down flat so what does that say.

Are they standing in line at your door for dinner dates?

Give up steve you are scum and any women you would be around is ignorant desperate trash from the sewer.

Don’t forget to tell sophie how soccer is for wankers and baseball is the national pass time not soccer.

Since you have posted that many times before why not post it on her page so she knows how you feel?

Such a fucking pussy cunt mf you would never have the balls for fear she would block you out.

Your only prayer of ever being with another women is 8000 miles away and it’s not getting closer.

Steve Glochowsky: the waddling gormet

23 Sep

9-23-15 rat

Galloping gourmet no he’s not.

The waddling gourmet fat fuck yes he is.

Waddling and cheap as dirt.

Again we point out this so called gourmet eateries he’s bragging about.

Look at the tags, since when is a fucking market a gourmet restaurant?

Flea bag markets and delis trying to get by and make ends meet by selling left overs and sandwiches for a few bucks.

Also he only knows what’s in walking distance from his telemarketing job.

If I looked half as bad as him I would be skipping lunch, eating celery and carrot sticks and spending lunch at the gym trying to save my horrid appearance.

He thinks he looks great I’m sure, for a man my age and I can pull off dating women 30+ years younger and even have real imaginary relationships with them. All this while sucking beer eating and twerkin it.

He’s states he’s “well preserved and youthful” in appearance.

Agree or disagree?

Steve Glochowsky: buttplug submissive

21 Sep





This ad is something that would interest him, yes.

The rat has openly admitted he likes toe sucking and other fetishes.

He is still in the closet about his money slave submissive lifestyle behaviors.

Most of his lifes earnings have gone to dominant black women who have allowed him to do his vile behaviors with them in exchange for his money.

He runs an adult fetish group for feet on FB.

He claims it’s not an adult sex group but filthy photos of feet with men masturbating are posted openly and often.

Steve Glochowsky: Bday party

20 Sep

9-20-15 rat

For the rat his big birthday party we see him sitting alone eating hot dogs and drinking synthetically died green river piss soda lmao.

Oopsy I guess he stated he had an orange crush today.

Where is boo?

No friends?

Where is rat jr.?

Sophie is coming to visit you soon right?

At least that is the rub until you can come up with a new lie to broadcast.

No women on this planet would ever bother or you would have had one long ago, instead it’s fabricating dreamy fake relationships with people online you have never met and will never meet.

It’s time to go away and die quietly.

When the highlight of your week is hot dogs you know your life is over.

Your bus is here loser get moving lmao.

Steve Glochowsky: The future:

14 Sep


An operative sent me this article today.

It’s not unusual for older American men to seek out younger wives abroad.

However in the case of the rat steve he’s broke with no options.

He dreams of a happy future with a woman he’s never met and probably will never meet due to his destitute financial status.

He’s been broke his entire life.

He has nothing and rents at the age of what 64?

We suspect he doesn’t even own a car either.

He is forced to share housing with his son who he pressured into it.

Outside of the son he would be renting a room in a boarding house.

This article is a likely scenario for the rat minus the money of course.