Steve Glochowsky: dear john

23 Oct


I gots big money coming soon and a hip hop record deal plus my pension and ssi checks.


Here it is again, another dear john post.

Apparently she is tired of sitting in her mud hut waiting for him to come up with new lies.

New lies to explain away WHY he’s done nothing to bring them together.

Not only has he done nothing he never will do anything.

Steve Glochowsky: cheating is embraced

22 Oct

10-22-15 rat group

Like the huge hypocrite he is so is his group.

Yes that’s right folks.

Today right her a lady openly encourages others to go after men who are taken.

The rat steve scolds on the evil white men who use black women for sex etc.

Black women have a long history of being fuck toys anyway without him pointing it out.

Openly entering into relationships with involved or married men for sex and other benefits.

The rat says no no no but his group says yes yes yes.

Feel free to contact Heffer Beal and tell her to stay away from your man or get a beat down lmao.

Steve Glochowsky: cubs fan closet homo

20 Oct



Ya your teams all suck homo.
Ya your teams all suck homo.


It appears the rat has no reports no none.

It appears his sox have once again failed and the cubs are playing tonight.

I notice he never wished his team a good effort or anything.

Even the sox themselves are supporting the cubs since they are another local team.

Not a word from the rat.

Just like everything else he posts, he’s just an angry bitter old fool.

Too bad he couldn’t have the same behavior with women he claims he has relationships with.

Ya know like he would only report it if he really was getting the pussy?

He would never have a word to say if that was the case we know that.

I hope the cubs win so he can keep sucking that cock.

Fat no-pussy-gettin poser.

Steve Glochowsky: to catch a rat…

19 Oct


What’s that you say?

Who me? Um no I never lied about anything.

Don’t listen to the wankers.

What’s that you say?

No no no it’s old information and the problem was taken care of long ago.

Those people are jealous of my popularity personality talent and my handsome good looks.

They just fabricate likes to try and take me down but I am strong yes.

I have to be a real man and lie about the truth so others know I am real.

Steve Glochowsky: repeat offender

19 Oct

10-19-15 rat

He is vile and offensive yes.

It seems mr fat fuck know-it-all has nothing to say.

Mr lardass has no new groupie signings to report.

Not even sports scores are posted now.

What’s that you say?

Right nothing changes with him week in week out like rinse and repeat instructions.

Even the same food at the same place usually alone but he needs to post those photos of the SAME food and the same place lmao every week.

Nothing else to report but food seeking is his primal instinct from sun up to sun down daily.

Food food and more food oh and sports on tv.


Steve Glochowsky: bitter

17 Oct



A real man of class and character offers congratulations to those who earned a win.

Not the rat no never.

Unless it’s a win he has nothing to say period.

Much like he curses and damns celebs he’s jealous of picking on minor details like the person smoked or was a blond female.

Guess what asshole Elvis was a fat drug addict too and people still love his music all over the world.

You narrowed minded twit over look the true talent of these people.

Not everyone is perfect like you mr ratinski.


Steve Glochowsky: hot dog diarrhea

15 Oct

10-15-15 rat

What’s that you say?

Fat fuck obese pig slob is shoveling hot dogs into his face again?


Still posting “with sophie” because he’s alone.

What’s that you say?

No news to report on your oh so great white sox?

Could it be the cubs have done better this year and you are in shame?

So far your patterns of lies has not changed.

There is no sophie meeting happening.

You are fat.

You are alone with no friends.

These things are likely to never change either.