Steve Glochowsky: the greatest city…

30 Nov


The rat boasts Chic a go is the greatest city in the world?


Blacks in Chic a go so hate whites they shut down a school and made death threats.

Just on friday they shut down shopping and destroyed and vandalized holiday displays and other property, led of course by head racist and bigot Jessie “slurred speech” Jackson.

Steve Glochowsky: black friday

26 Nov


black friday

Steve is a black activist.

What is he doing for “black friday”?

Black lives matter says “gimme my free shit whitey”.

While protesting against whites and others yet they demand special treatment and hand outs.

Maybe the rat will show up dressed as santa claus and hand free turkeys?

Steve Glochowsky: Sophie knows

26 Nov


Could she be getting a clue?

Is it computer dating or an imaginary relationship she speaks of?

Some broke ass troll who lives 8000 miles away?

A troll who can’t even bother to come and meet her in person like a real man would?

Everything will be fine just get here to chic a go.

Do as I say so I can wank it and do as I please.

Then once you find out the truth I won’t have any cash out of pocket.

Steve Glochowsky: rat activist

26 Nov


Why is it that Steve has never attended any black protest or rally hoodie march etc.

Justice for treyvon?

Black lives matter?

Nope never.

He’s a big online supporter but never steps up in person.

Is that not the same as doing nothing or being full of shit?

Yes it is.

Often boasting Chi ca go as the greatest city in the world.

Here today we see the violent criminal animals in full swing destroying holiday displays and protesting.

Funny but when asked the man can’t even give logic or reason as to “why” or “what” they are even protesting.

Steve the jew is hiding in his rat hole watching from a far.

Steve Glochowsky: Passport denied

23 Nov

11-23-15 rat

Yes it is true.

Here today we see the IRS is refusing to issue passports to anyone owing back taxes or other debts now handled by the fed (child support is one).

With his massive back  log of child support for 18 years times 3 children he’s not likely to ever leave this country legally anyway.

Guess who is not traveling to kenya to march to the US embassy?

Just another bullshit story.

The only place he is marching is to get more food or a ball card signing oh  and of course to catch the 9th street bus lmao.

Lastly he would need to disclose way too much personal infomation to the feds to ever follow through with it.

“What’s that you say, hell no am not giving you my home address”.

Not that papa deadbeat loser would ever even consider traveling to kenya anyway, this just seals it.

“Need to get you here in chi ca go”.

Steve Glochowsky: no class loser

6 Nov

11-6-15 rat group

I said it before and here again we show PROOF of this behavior in his own group.

This bitch openly talks about how her vag is so fine men are standing line for it.

She brags about cock blocking a man and posts in the group to validate her behavior.

Like anyone would want to fuck her anyway?

Not even with the rats dick would I bother.