Steve Glochowsky: meat beater

31 Dec

12-31-15 rat

Check out this meat head special lmao.

Note the plastic hospital cafeteria trays?

Ya that is because it’s low end all you can eat buffet style.

He “checks in” from the kiosk when he arrives but he’s often not even at the places he claims he is.

Just like his friend tags like “with sophie” but he is not with her and never likely will be.

Meat beater.

Steve Glochowsky: nigerian troll

28 Dec

12-28-15 rat

My doctor says I need a laxative.


Today this third world gold digger is posting on his page.

Hmm that’s odd being he’s engaged an all.

She sent him a dear john letter a few years back.

Once again trolling for money like a good third world whore.

One thing is for sure, she knows he ain’t got none.

She may have tried to get him to pay for her lunch though.

Steve Glochowsky: home alone

27 Dec

12-25-15 rat

Here is what the jew rat is doing while the rest of the world enjoys a national holiday.

“Hey look it’s the bulls on tv oh boy oh boy”.

Nothing different than his daily rinse and  repeat of sports scores and food pics.

He enjoyed a day off without pay.

If he did anything interesting he would have photo oped and bragged.

It appears rat jr has also once again disappeared and is ignoring him.

Home (or homeless) alone watching his tv.

Steve Glochowsky: Fuck You

25 Dec


Merry Christmas he says.

From a jew it is the same as saying fuck you since they deny christ and the miracles that took place.

God bless you?

What God does he speak of?

He doesn’t even believe in God or a God.

Another year end sham post front to attract attention.

Any jew who even acknowledges Christ or Christmas is a hypocrite by definition.

It is the same as a atheist saying God bless you, ridiculous.

Hey steve fuck you and we hope you die soon.


Steve Glochowsky: warm holiday wishes

24 Dec

12-24-15 rat



Warm holiday wishes from a bitter old jew.

Today he again closes out the year with more lies.

Also reminding us of his anger and resentment toward Florida and California.

His whore Michele Williams was traveling to Florida often and ignoring his broke ass.

A small group in California formed and launched a campaign to out his lying ass.

Baa Humbug he says.

His weather report of a tropical 61 degrees is of course a lie.

Not only is it a lie but there is nothing in the weather forecast for him but cold and colder plus rain and snow.

Not to worry Steve the soup kitchen has heat and a free used sweater.

Steve Glochowsky: soup kitchen

23 Dec



What is the rat doing for the holidays?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year?

He’s a jew so there is no christmas.

The jew is not invited to any holiday events or parties.

Oy vey happy festivus.

Like scrooge he gets a big lump of coal in his stocking.

Where are all his friends and his great BWWM group event?

Where is sophie glochowsky or his son?

That’s right they are far far away from him.

He will enjoy a day off WITHOUT pay and he will find a soup kitchen offering free meals to low income and homeless folks.

Another year of sheer comedy and we have proved nothing changes in his life no matter how hard he wants to pretend it is.

Alone, fat and old and broke sucking down free food.

As he snickers and curses like a bitter old jew fucker he plans his next move.

Steve Glochowsky: buttstink

17 Dec

12-17-15 rat

design engine

What is the smell coming from the rear corner of  the office?

You know the cubicle the rat works in doing his phone sales?

It is a containment area for his smell.

The smell is offensive and over powering to students in the adjacent room area.

His diet and the farting and of course wanking make for a horrid cocktail of odors that send most running.

His diarrhea diet with processed high fat and high carbs explains a lot and the oozing sores over his entire body and puss infected from parasites from his nasty street hookers.

Steve Glochowsky: the jew

13 Dec
Manure: animal dung used for fertilizing land.
Manure: animal dung used for fertilizing land.


Childhood photos of the rat. His father forced him to attend temple and perform as a clown.


Alone in his cold dark apartment in a godforsaken part of chic a go.

The jew is fat old broke and alone.

Acting out and overeating are his current hobbies.

So in shame he’s nothing to report and nothing to say.

He copies and pastes his repeated food posting and his sports scores.

Sophie the bonehead has even shunned him and moved on.

Like david he will die slowly with no human contact.

Even his own son doesn’t speak to him.

His last form of communication or connection to any human is his postings.(that no one reads)

Most of his time these days is spent reading this blog and it’s updates.

He’s still confused as to how it works and why he is ranked #3 on page #1 of any Google, Bing or other search engine.

It’s good  to be in control and on top isn’t it Steve?

Hope you choke to death on mouth full of gifilte fish.

Steve Glochowsky: can you hear me now?

9 Dec

12-9-15 rat

Time has passed.

She see’s no action on his part.

She not longer responds in any way to his lame ass posting.

No likes.

I seriously doubt he has any regular communications with her like daily phone calls.

Notice jew boy is barking his candle fest alone but no selfies for weeks now?

He likely has his skin condition again.

Oozing sores over his entire body which he claims are from stress.

I think it’s some sort of psoriasis or dermatitis.