31 Jan


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Steve Glochowsky: sucking socks day 2

31 Jan

1-31-16 rat

It sucks confirmed.


Fucking troll he is lmao.

Again today and we know it must be free admission.

Just a bunch of old babseball collectors and crap for sale.

He trolling hoping to dig some free crap out of the trash bins afterwards.

No pics proves he’s doing nothing photo worthy but wasting time.

I have seen him at those shows before and he just wanders around like a retard and he never buys anything.

Steve Glochowsky: sucking socks

30 Jan

1-30-16 rat

I mean cocks.

Yes he’s trolling the annual sports shows again looking for free junk to haul home and brag about on monday.

He has no car so he’s not bitching about parking fees.

He showed up and found out anything he wanted cost money so he left lmao.

Back to the cold office sofa for porn cam shows and wanking.

Steve Glochowsky: righteous indignation

26 Jan
Pervert groping his whore 2010

Blast from his past.

Read  this and click the links.

Read the comments.

He’s so far from anything realistic it’s not funny.

None of this exists today.

It’s a figment of his imagination.

He can’t get 2 people to show up for a party.

He can’t even get along with baseball fans, they blocked him from attending any in person events lmao.

He likely doesn’t own a car and likely may not even have a crap apartment at this juncture.

Still babbling on about his true love coming from kenya while he sleeps on the office sofa and eats at the soup kitchen or if bart is paying it’s the plastic tray cafe.

Steve Glochowsky: Eating…again

25 Jan

1-25-16 rat

Oh yes happy monday and yes guess what?

He’s eating again.

Eating again and eating crap he thinks is healthy.

This brain dead retard doesn’t even know WHAT a grocery store is or how to use one.

Raised as a mommys boy he was even cooked for and had his laundry done by mommy during his last 10 year rent free run living at home.

She died and he was forced to move out.

Now we see the long term results of her ignorant coddling for the bulk of his life.

Coddling over parenting and enabling create a near worthless human who can’t can’t fend for himself even in the most basic areas.

Someone has to prepare his food for him or he has no idea what to do.

Seriously the dude can’t even make a slice of toast.

The whore Michele Williams gave him some free food on time and you would have thought it was the parting of the red sea.

He went on and on about how great it was and looking forward to home cooked meals from missy whorebag lmao.

Even a retard can go to a grocery store a buy a few wholesome and healthy items.

Not him.

He’s addicted to high fat high carb processed food and it shows.

How about a few carrots and some fresh fruit?

Nope never and it will never happen.

Forget about smokers, he should be long dead before most of them are.

Steve Glochowsky: nay sayers

22 Jan


Operatives report today he’s got one person defending him. (1)

It is supposedly sophie sister.

It is funny how someone who lives in a third world shithole country claims to know a mans entire history and is defending him.

This person has never met the rat.

This person has not monitored his actions on and offline for 15 years either.

Sounds to me like sister mud hut wants to get in good with the rat so she can get herself a green card too like sophie.

Tiana Joeseph  claims any information about him is exaggerated?

Well the proof is here on hundreds of pages.

All attempts to silence or remove the information have failed.

The information is here and said proof is here so investigate for yourselves or deny it exists.

The choice is yours to ignore it or take it seriously.

Women should especially be concerned about this and his predatory history.

Steve Glochowsky: SOS

19 Jan


Shit on a shingle?

Nope it is left overs from the day before all mixed together and served as a gourmet side dish.

Happy hour hordeorvers are the same.

Mexican bars mix rice beans and whatever else is left over from the night before and serve it with $1 drink as “free”.

This crap from his oh so high end eatery is the same, leftovers.

Then again he’s eating at places that use plastic hospital cafeteria style trays and plastic utensils.

Steve Glochowsky: homeless troll

17 Jan


Argh argh hey ya maytee check out my bag a loot.

Yes and I have more oh yes much much more.

Millions of dollars worth actually including old bleacher seats someone threw away (trash digger).

A collection of junk he claims his kid will keep and treasure forever.

His kid will throw it in the dumpster where most of it came from.

Worthless crap for a delusional old fool.

Steve Glochowsky: manipulator

16 Jan


I find it interested that sophie has not posted anything in weeks.

Not one word or even likes.

Boom suddenly she jumps online to profess her true love for the rat.

Steve has a long history of obtaining passwords from ladies to “help them”.

To help him manipulate her page which may even be fake all together.

The pattern is the same and the behavior is that of a creepy old man sociopath trying to get a sniff.

She is in her mud hut and has no idea he’s doing this.

He also changed her last name, she never even knew about it.