Steve Glochowsky: no twerk

22 Feb


Ya they need to ban this nonsense period.

The article explains the laws and why.

Maybe those folks don’t want whores and ghetto antics in their city?

Drugs, whores,  prostitution we can all do without this filth but the rat lives for it. Oh and the shit music UGH!

These are things the rat is attracted to so anything that can be done to keep his clown show away is good.

Watch for the rat to be sporting this  as his new hairstyle soon: (1:13)


Here some info as to why dogs sniff each others butts.

I couldn’t find anything about blacks and ass sniffing but we can use  this as a reference for the rat.

Steve Glochowsky: free food

8 Feb


We all know the rat is a cheap fuck and a jew so.

He will be in line for this one, yes.

His two favorite things free or not paying for it and food.

Free food poisoning.

The rat told me once he would gladly stand in line for a free 50 cent taco.

When you have no money free is always the best price.

Next best for the rat is mooching comp points off his boss to get stuff he can’t  afford lmao.

Now if you doubt me why do you think he never shows the authentication certificates with his high end sports wear?

Because the stuff is chink knock off junk.

The real shit is expensive and usually comes with several ID badges including authentic tags with a holographic logo image.

Steve Glochowsky: rat food

7 Feb

Rat food

To prove you’re not a robot click on the photos that are not food.

Yes this is a snippet of the past rat pics he posts.

Like  most social media retards he’s been reduced to  moron status.

Too much tech plus a tard makes for lots of worthless and pointless social media postings.

Another reason FB and snap dick and other social media are dying.

Yes dying.

Mainly we saw a flood of mostly poor people who got high tech iphones then realized they had nothing productive to do with the extra features.

Do we need to see 1080p high def pics or vids of your lunch?

No we don’t.

It goes to show you how much someone has going on in their life if the high point of the day is a quarter pounder with cheese.

Steve Glochowsky: man humper

5 Feb

goony goo goo


Sophie Glochowsky sister sports the latest fashion trends from her mud hut in kenya.

No indoor plumbing and yes looking ghetto fab.

Looks like a man to me what do you guys think?

Openly promoting transsexuals is part of his agenda now.

He has been caught red handed with tranny hook meat.

“Oh no she is 100% female”.

Why the beard stubble and atoms apple?

Steve Glochowsky: black lives matter

1 Feb


Black lives matter but not in chi ca go.

The rat of course has done nothing to help the black community ever and never will.

His contribution to helping blacks is fathering children with black women then hiding from paying to support them (deadbeat).

All the marches and protests in his local area yet he’s never attended one.

He watches from his office rat hole cubicle then posts online as if he’s actually attending, donating and supporting them.

Meanwhile is greatest city in the world boast higher murder rates and records that break old records every few months.

Black on black crime in most cases.

Murder capital of the entire USA.