Steve Glochowsky: trouble letting go

28 Mar

3-28-16 rat

We call him a cling-on.

Needy, has trouble letting go or moving on.

He typically beats the dead horse  until he has secured a new target.

I know for a fact he still stalks and harasses women from his past.

Women who rejected him and his failed attempts to have relationships with them.

They have told me he still calls just not often and they never answer.

I saw one lady who got scared when she saw him and ran away very fast.

He was stalking her for a long time.

Creepy, disturbing behavior.

He see’s it as normal and even laughs claiming he has never done it.

If someone is not interested in dating or being friends with you and you continue to pursue them you are indeed stalking.

Here today is proof of that.

Why would he remove his oh so important engagement?

Today he’s using the “with sophie” tag again.

Why is that?

He’s hiding his “engaged” status for a reason.

Steve Glochowsky: Why the hate?

27 Mar



Today we show here why he hates Ca. and other warmer climate states.

Yes it’s true and for other reasons.

Mainly we laugh at him as  he freezes his ass off in shitcago while we have to use a/c to cool down.

Yes life is hard for  the rat.

His short-lived imaginary relationship with kenya cockwhore sophie moved on.

Now he has to troll for a new victim.

You can’t  even keep a fake online charade relationship going let alone a real relationship offline in the real world lmao.

Have fun at the soup kitchen dirtbag.

Steve “failure” Glochowsky: FAILED

26 Mar

3-26-16 rat

Once again truthers called it.

Today we see he has once again changed altered or hidden his relationship status.

This means either A she is not playing his game any longer or B he does not want someone he’s trying to meet see “engaged” on his profile.

Most likely A because no one ever wants to meet him, it just happens and most regret it.

All predicted and documented here folks.

This fucking loser can’t even keep a desperate third world urchin interested.


He has nothing to offer and is a mess of lies.

Even someone as dumb as her can figure it out.

If she starts playing again of course he will change it back to engaged.

He does that.

It all  depends on if they talk to him or not.

Like the whore michele williams never said one word about him ever.

When she was talking to him he was engaged and planning the wedding.

When she was NOT talking to him he changed his status to single or “it’s complicated”, some bullshit.

Also he removes couples pics from his page and posts of happy bliss and bragging about his fantastic relationship that never was, in his mind only.

So the lies he tells today often change depending on what level of communication is happening.

If he changes status he’s been dumped or she is ignoring his 3am repeated phone calls.


Steve Glochowsky: mommy

23 Mar

3-23-16 rat

Waa waa he wants his mommy.

His dead racist mother was no  loss to our society.

Steve of course misses his free rent, laundry service and meals.

We see the long term results of her excellent parenting with how he turned out.

Yes a man well into his golden years can barely hold a telemarketing job.

He has no ability to fend for himself even in the most basic areas like meals.

Everything has to be prepared for him.

He celebrates a death anniverary instead of her birth date.

Whining jew attention whoring for a pitty frack.

No one cared then and no one cares now so what is the point of this post?

Same as everything else, broadcasting and attention whoring hoping someone will feel sorry for him and respond.

“Hello hello anyone?….crickets”.


Steve Glochowsky: ass blasting

22 Mar

3-22-16 rat


Our truthers predicted greasy hot dog posts.

So his big news was he went out of his rathole to buy a  worthless autograph.

Then he ran to buy hot dogs.

He is a hot dog expert and will explain to  you how the proper items must be added for it to be an authentic chi ca go style hot dog.

Then afterward he runs to the toilet for assblasting lmao.

Steve Glochowsky: worms

16 Mar

3-16-16 rat

Another rinse and repeat lunch from the same place.

He’s posted this several hundred times.

This proves what?

It proves he’s too  stupid and lazy to make his own lunch.

It also proves he could give two shits about his health.

Take a close look at these pink under  cooked ribs which are likely pork, another jew no no.

Raw meat of any kind puts one at risk for worms and other illness and disease.

No wonder why he has a chronic skin condition including oozing sore over  his entire body.

Sucking down raw pork will do it.

Not to mention the disease ridden hookers he beds down.

Steve Glochowsky: monday shit

14 Mar

3-14-16 rat

Monday in Chit ca go (shitcago) we see more fat.

Oh his very healthy deep fried salon filet on a bun slathered with heavy butter and mayo.

Jews do not eat mayo.

The veg is for the photo opt for us to prove he eats something wholesome.

It’s boiled down and inert of any nutritional value as all the natural enzymes have been removed.

Now for him to actually eat them it needs to be covered with butter and heavy grease or oil.

He can choke it down if it has enough FAT added to it.

“Herb the fatass at table 4 wants more butter”.