Steve Glochowsky: sophie speaks out

30 Apr

sophie 4-30-16

Broke men don’t deserve to have sex?

So why are you engaged to one?

Even by kenyan standards he would be considered broke and a failure.

How else would you explain the very long time  line of promises made and  not kept and he has made no effort to travel to kenya to meet you?

We concluded  sophie is mentally retarded and can’t comprehend reality.

Steve Glochowsky: meat beater

28 Apr

4-28-16 rat

He’s eating raw pork again.

I bet he’s scratching his ass from worms and ticanosis.

He would lie and say it’s fully cooked and had a sauce added that made it look pink.

Pork is not cooked if it’s still pink in color.


37 times posted, same food same place.

I guess it’s pretty clear he doesn’t have a car.

The feeding is limited to walking distance from his job.

If he has a car he’s not talking about it because it’s a beater he picked up to replace the repossessed impala.

Steve Glochowsky: prince dies

21 Apr

drudge drudge

4-21-16 rat

So in touch with blacks and the music community he is, not one word is said.

If some ball player from 50 years ago dies it’s a long winded post.

Like  I said before, he could care less and he has no interest.

Sports, unless he can eat it or fuck it(or try to) he has no use for it.


However he did take time out  of his jew day to brag about a box lunch he got for $1.


Steve “shitcago” Glochowsky: subhumans

21 Apr


These losers ignored a sick dying man until a cab ran him over.

Where in Gods name did this happen?

Some third world shithole like kenya?

Nope in the “greatest city in the world, shitcago”.

Suck that shit steve you fucking loser.

Steve Glochowsky: Lie history

19 Apr


The documentation here is endless.

This is based on eye witness accounts, second party testimonies and online evidence.

We have hundreds of pages of his documented daily lying patterns.

All is public information to protect future victims from his scams.

It doesn’t matter what the subject is, he will lie about it.

His job, his living environment, his car, his income.

Beware ladies of “big money coming soon” one of his favorite baiting tactics.

Big money is coming from a business deal, a baseball contract for rat jr, a hip hop record deal.

We have documentation from court records and even a lady he dated and lied to back in 1980.

We have all but shut down his day to day trolling operation.

He posts nothing these days just food pics.

His group serves no purpose and he has no events.

He can no longer hide his online antics and he knows ever word he posts will be copied and reposted here.

He threatened to sue.

We laughed and we are still here and still waiting mr lawsuit.

Every move he makes we document it.

Since we have done this he’s very cautious of any  information he posts.

No it has not stopped the lies but it has cut him down.

He’s old now and slaving away at his dead end  job trying to make basic living expenses has drained him.

Plus he’s alone.

He has no support from friends or family  in any respect.

Truther operatives confirmed he’s trolling acting out doing  his dirt using many MANY fake online aliases.

Beware the rat Steve Glochowsky and do not let him make you the next victim of his scam.


Steve Glochowsky: food slop, delayed

16 Apr

4-16-16 rat

So  obsessed is the rat he finds day old photos to post of food.


He has nothing else to post about or of.

Not  only did he snap the photo and not share it, he saved it.

Who does that?

Only losers with no life crying out for attention on FB and other social media.

This same exact food dish and food place he has posted 37 times this year so far.

Why does anyone need to see it again?

Why does anyone period need to see it?

No likes No comments get a fucking clue.

You know you are dying when your brain is failing to communicate beyond what you ate for lunch.

But he could just skip it but nope comes back a full day later to post it and tell you about it and lie “with sophie glochowsky”, with but he’s never met her and removed his “engaged” status.

Smells like senile mental illness to me.

Steve Glochowsky: youthful, well preserved

15 Apr

4-15-16 rat


Today’s  lie from the rat  is how he still gets carded for beer.

If he  got carded it was from a blind  person.

Not only does he look very old and tired but he’s an obese pig oink.

Modern medicine has come a long way and yes  we are living longer.

With other advanced nutritional support even much older people can stay healthy and active for their entire lives.

The rat sits on his ass and orders  pizza.

It’s funny how he puts up a little sophie pic on this post implying (once again false advertising) that young women like him and flock to him in droves.

If you watch him  in  real time day to day no black women are ever around.

Nope never and when he tries to interact with them they run away.

So no steve you are not young or youthful or young looking or well preserved.

At this point even advanced cosmetic surgery would not likely help.


Steve Glochowsky: no twerk

12 Apr

no twerk

Here today we see one more example of the said “twerking” the rat promotes.

Much like the smoking be scolds and berates others about.

This woman lost her job just for engaging in it.

Another post here  shut down a local hip hop event due to the twerking issue.

Is it that the half naked skanks doing it are on drugs and drunk?

Promoting filthy unchecked sexual behaviors?

We all know anything the rat promotes or  is involved with is bad.

If not bad it becomes bad if he touches it lmao.

He first became excited about the twerk when he snuck up on a fat drunk girl in a club and got some dry humping.

It was like the best free dick grinding he ever got.

After that he, as usual, became obsessed with it and finding more drunk black women to dick grind on for free.

Here today we have proven it is a dangerous and costly mistake to engage in the twerk.

This women could have lost her life but she only lost her job.

Beware the twerk.

Beware the rat.