Steve “grandfather” Glochowsky: ignored why?

30 May


Notice the rat never speaks of his grand child?

Ya know why?

It appears the father is a white man.

Steve ignores children unless they’re black or mixed so he is racist against his own family.

It’s nothing new either he always spoke of his deep hatred of his parents and brothers alike.

You have to be a real black heart to hate a child due to their racial backround.

When he found out the kid didn’t look black he never spoke of her again.

Steve “the predator” Glochowsky: warning

29 May



Warnings are now and have been circulating all over the web and internet sites.

Mostly warnings being posted from others in bwwm type FB groups.

The truth seekers are out in force.

His numbers are low and our numbers are growing, growing fast.

Tell everyone you know online and off to stay away from him and his groups or anything he’s near or involved with.

Beware the rat: son of the devil.

Beware the jew: christ denier.

Steve “fetish” Glochowsky: foot fetish group

28 May





The pervert steve has a foot fetish group.

He uses this group for his vile perverted fetish behaviors.

So in his main group he boasts standards of conduct and rules.

No adult material or porn etc.

These rules do not apply to anyone he likes.

Then he hops over to his fetish group for wanking material.

We have seen photos with semen covered feet and other disturbing behaviors, creepy.

Steve Glochowsky: wedding ring

27 May

wedding ring

We all know the rat has a long history of fabricating weddings.

Wedding dates that never happen.

Wedding rings are NEVER bought to show commitment.

Getting a plain gold band for $50 would be a stretch.

My point is he’s never done it even when months even years have passed and he’s still yapping about wedding dates.

Did you buy a ring?  “er um no but”.


“er um well um am waiting on some deals to come through and it doesn’t matter we are engaged anyway”.

He’s been yapping that same bullshit story for the last 10 years.


The whore michele williams denied ever being engaged to him.

Hell she denied even knowing him or dating him period when another female asked her.

Steve lies to make himself appear desirable but the other party will always debunk his claims.

Steve will go so far as to spin it saying “that’s no one elses business and she is a very private person”.


So why does she post dozens of other men on her page?

Why does she list herself as “single”?

Now watch for staged photos of a ring from a cracker jack box and he will say it costs thousands.

If elizabeth thinks he will ever buy her a ring she’s more delusional than him.

The rat can’t even afford decent food or clothing let alone a wedding ring.

She may try to scam and get him to mail it to her.

He can also add that ploy to the lie list and will say “I have the ring for when you arrive my dear” but he will never buy one.

One thing is for sure, if you want to see the rat disappear FAST just start talking about spending money.

Actually anything to do with or anything that costs money will freeze him up and send him running.

Talk about nice cars, nice hotels, nice clothes, vacations anything really.

He will change the subject fast or drop out.

All he has is his snake oil sales pitch and his trolling skills.


Steve “the pollock” Glochowsky: glochowski

26 May

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 1.09.39 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 1.11.46 PM
His entire family hates him.


He’s really a pollock and the family changed the name spelling to hide from it on top of being jews lmao.

He attempts to explain away multiple wives but he doesn’t even have one legal wife.

He’s probably still legally married to the last ex wife.

This charade with assigning his last name is toxic and dangerous.

He just finished a year long charade with sophie and now is using elizabeth for the same name game charade.

No he’s not legally married to either of these women.

He however is wanted for back chid support.

Hope this helps.


Steve “imaginary lovers” Glochowsky: pussbug luncheon

26 May

5-26-16 rat

At his raw pork lunch place again.

By now most truthers can call the ball on his rinse and repeat patterns.

Yes his behavior is always the same.

Now he’s repeats the same comments as sophie, the nigerian queen and others.

“The best raw pork and worms in all of shitcago” he says.

Hopefully he will choke to death on a mouthful of that raw meat he calls BBQ.

He only has about 4 places he eats at so he will run out of things to tell her about.

Once the sox lose he won’t be speaking of them period unless he’s going to buy worthless autographs that is.