Steve”danker” Glochowsky: choad sandwich

28 Jun

6-28-16 rat

No ball games to report so it’s back to food.

Food and sports, sports and food.

What is that?

Looks like catfood on bread with fake tomatoes on it.

Yuck, those tomatoes are green and gassed to make them turn slightly red more like pink and they taste like shit.

Another high end lunch on a budget 1.99.

Man it’s like broadcasting how broke you are ever day buy your low budget poor food choices.

Steve “pedo” Glochowsky: child safety warning

25 Jun

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 5.26.39 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 5.30.26 PM

The rat goes after very young women.

The rat targets single moms usually in the 17-23 age bracket.

This is the creepy part, that age is old enough to be his own grand daughters age.

Sick peice of shit.

Allowing underage minors into his group is fine and he could care less.

Until he gets caught that is.


Report his child predatory behavior:

Steve “reprobate” Glochowsky: foot fetish pervert

21 Jun

6-21-16 rat

Again today we see the rat acting out his perverted foot fetish.

Again today we see him barking orders to her to “get to shitcago”.

One day maybe she says confirming he’s made no effort to travel to meet her and never will.

Gee would that not seem odd to any normal female?

For a date a man is expected to pick her up or provide a ride at least right?

Not with steve nope he is such a prize catch these women from kenya are expected to travel 6000 miles and pay for passports and visas all at THEIR OWN EXPENSE.

Greeted by a slimy pervert pussbug who will get a cheap motel and buy pizza from a box.

All this and more for just one special female.

Is it no wonder there is a line around the block waiting for dates with him?


Steve “disappearing dad” Glochowsky: were is daddy?

19 Jun


One of the only photos ever posted by the rat with his kids.

This was a court mandated visitation with a social worker.

He got a photo just for proof he spends time with his kids but he never did.

In the photo is his oldest daughter the one he disowned or denies.

It’s funny how you boast and brag about kids in this post and now poof one suddenly doesn’t exist?

Piece of shit!

Steve ” worlds best dad” Glochowsky: deadbeat dad day

19 Jun

photo 2

Hello hello hello?

Anyone home?

Nobody in here just us crickets.

This is good so follow, rat has 3 kids.

Not even one posts for happy fathers day on his page.

We have a post from his daughter and there is not one word about him.

You know you’re shit when your own children don’t call or even send an email on fathers day.

He boasts himself a great dad but he’s a fucking creepoid deadbeat who goes after women young enough to be his grand daughter.

“Has anyone seen my daddy?”.

She is still waiting for the check he claimed he mailed in 1990.

photo 1

Steve “repeat” Glochowsky: again please

18 Jun

Documented here.

Year to date he’s met no one and not had one date.

Mark the time line for a repeating pattern.

The rat can’t think outside the box so he rinses and repeats the same behaviors over and over.

The importing delusion is his new angle.

Like most losers who have failed at most everything and live at home with their mothers’s they search for new ideas.

This pattern comes from being rejected repeatedly by domestic females.

So they conclude “American women are spoiled and they suck”.

This sends them trolling mail order bride websites and poverty stricken third world countries hoping to land a mate that will appreciate their low standards and lack of income and integrity.

Steve Glochowsky: The groups work