Steve Glochowsky: we smell a rat

26 Jul

liz vid


liz stats

We got this screen shot from her FB profile vids taken in 2012.

She’s clearly yapping on skype in some cyber cafe by the looks of the junk computer parts in the backround and broken down junk furniture lol.

So Africans are notoriously scandalous in using cyber cafes to scam money from single men seeking wives abroad.

Lack of content on her page proves she likely doesn’t have a smart phone with net access and is using another source.

Also she has a very long history of listing herself as “in a relationship”.

Funny as far as we know it was set like that when she surfaced as the rats new target I mean wife.

Why is it not engaged or married?

Because it’s BULLSHIT that’s why!

Steve Glochowsky: banning examples

26 Jul

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.48.35 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.48.52 AM

What did we just talk about?

Correct banning and banning if any man so much as speaks hello in passing to any female he’s trying to meet.

Beyond that he puffs up like a true blow hard wind bag demanding respect of his said rules.

Further more declaring ownership of the said female as his wife and property, yet he’s never met her.

He’s a total failure in all areas of his life including (but not limited to) work, family and finances.

Playing king shit in his little group is as close as he will ever get to being in charge of anything. Branch manager.

Like a little kid playing mine craft.

Steve Glochowsky: lunch updates

25 Jul


Hold the phone, no lunch updates.

He’s been skipping many lunch updates as of late.

I mean how many times can you post the same exact food at the same exact place at the same EXACT time of day?

In his case thousands.

He would say it’s new current information in real time lmao.

We know it’s just his troll ass with nothing else to do and an iphone.

The gadget phone he has no real use for so like millions of others food slop becomes the focal point of the day.

Food food and more food.

Today something new, food.

How your fucking rat dog steve?

Ya know the one that shits in your house and hates you?

What’s that you say?

No pets allowed at the senior citizens board + care?

Steve Glochowsky: and now for something completely different

24 Jul


Oh oops sorry I was thinking of someone else.

Here the repeating and REtard pattern of assigning his name to a desperate kenyan.

Then announcing engagement.

Then boasting of a wife.

So how does that work now?

You never met someone and you just sign up for a service that expidites the process from start to married? Without meeting?

Moreover getting tossed and forced to create anew in aless than one year.

If he could have kept it going (sham) he would not selected another target.

The whore michele williams was 2 weeks tops but he claimed 15 months.

He counts nights and weekends and if he still talk to her on the phone it’s still a relationship…even years later lmao.


Steve Glochowsky: wanker, banned

24 Jul

7*24*16 rat


He’s the biggest “wanker” in the world so he should ban himself.

He will also ban any males who so much as say Hello to his current love interests.

He denied doing it after we got complaints.

He lied and claimed to male was “harassing” females.

This putz can’t get any pussy period so of course any decent guy would pose a threat reducing his chances if he even had one,


Steve Glochowsky: why I lie?

23 Jul


Here are a few lies over his history.

This is a short list of the most common daily lies.

I am in a relationship. (or we)

I am engaged.

I am getting married.

My son is getting a pro ball contract.

I have millions hidden away but choose to live as a hermit.

These lies often change over time.

These are made by him, if you ask the other party they give a different story or know nothing about it.

I am getting $2000/pension or SSI payment.

I have a new car.

I have an upscale condo apartment with indoor VIP parking.

Rat Jr aka Stevie is dating white women so the rat now never speaks of him.

Just like the grand daughter that looks white?

He ignores and disregards anyone if they don’t subscribe to his narrow minded agenda of all black all the time.

Ya what up negro?


Steve Glochowsky: troll 4 me

19 Jul


Steve harasses his members today demanding they add friends.

Why would anyone do that?

10,000 members but you have 8000 and still CAN’T find a mate.

Not only that no one replies to you and you can’t even get 5 people to show up for a dead ass party of the year.

Give up and die already pussbag.

“Hey I just realized I was in this group and I never knew it”.

Imagine that?

That’s the rat doing mass adding from his endless friends list and friends of friends can be added too.

More advanced trolling by yours truly the rat.


Steve Glochowsky: can’t keep up

19 Jul

7*19*16 rat

Sox failed as usual.

Now he’s adopted a new topic, Bulls.

He has nothing of interest to discuss so he copies and pastes sports scores.

No original content.

He never talked about basketball ever.

So he trolls to boast about a kenyan wife and food and sports.

Looks like a winner to me.

Any grown man who needs to broadcast his life online daily doesn’t have one.

“Look at my pizza in a box”.