Steve Glochowsky: hospital cafeteria

31 Aug

8*31*16 rat

That slop again and no it’s not a restaurant.

Best jewish? Since when is piss soda a jew tradition?

Oh that’s right it’s not along with the other filth you are eating.

Obama may have eaten food there once and you will say “he eats here”.

Then again you can also say that about any place, doesn’t make it true.

Mike Jordan eats here too.

Really? There is no evidence or photos of it.

Name dropping to cover the fact he’s eating at a senior care home cafeteria and claiming it’s a famous deli lmao.

Since when are plastic trays part of the fine dining experience steve?

Steve Glochowsky: flasher and wanker

30 Aug


Anthony Weiner and Steve Glochowsky have much in common.


They both like to expose their penises on cam.

We got many reports about steve flashing and exposing his penis during the yahoo chats.

He denied it ever took place but he was fixated on webcams and webcams chats etc.

The rat and the weiner have the same behavior issues.

Why are these guys obsessed with flashing the junk to women who have no interest in them?

I suppose a mental patient would say “ok since you showed me the cock I will meet you”.

It goes to show you these men have no clue how women think.

Steve claims to protect black women from predators but he flashes his junk and wanks on his cam without even asking permission.


Steve Glochowsky: shitcago murder

29 Aug

August most violent month in Chicago in 20 years

The rat boasts and brags shitcago as the “worlds greatest city”.

No steve shitcago is not the greatest city.

No steve shitcago is not famous for it’s great food.

Shitcago breaks murder records every few months.

That’s what shitcago is famous for asshole.

Stop lying and tell the truth pussbag.

Steve Glochowsky: Al’s Beef failure

24 Aug

8*24*16 rat



Check out this experience.

We have had it and it aint that great.

Steve raves about any place within walking distance that is dirt cheap or has free delivery as 5 star and top notch.

One guest asked about nice 5 star places and he got nervous.

Lawreys? Ditkas? No no those are over priced. Had he ever eaten there?

No never but he was an expert on it.

Other places he flat out lied about until others checked them out on their own.

Decent to better and he knows dick about fine dining on any level.

Food in general he knows dick.

Fucker can’t even make himself a slice of toast lmao.

My husband and I had high hopes for this Al’s beef as we are familiar with the original joint as we were native Chicagoans, but this place is nothing like the original. We were hoping to find italian beef closer to where we live as we usually drive down to Portillos in Buena Park, but we will definitely continue going to Portillos. I hate giving out low reviews, but this place has nothing to redeem itself other than maybe free refills on soda…. not saying much at all.

I am not one to need great customer service, but I expect at least a little bit of friendliness. The guy taking our order was really rude and short with us (and the people he took orders from before us). He was not friendly at all and kept walking back and forth between each order he took. I was cringing when I saw how he was treating customers… not a way to win people over. We asked for a side of the gravy (which we do when we go to Portillos, our usual spot for italian beef)

Now on to the food. We ordered a large italian beef dipped with hot peppers and provolone cheese, an italian sausage, cheese fries, and a drink. My gripe with this place is that it costed over $20 for that! If the food tasted good, I probably would’ve forgotten about it, but the food did not bring one taste of home. I hate playing the comparison game, but when we go to Portillos, we usually get an italian beef with hot peppers, cheese, and a side of gravy, a hot dog, a polish, a drink, cheese fries, and onion rings for the same price. The hot peppers did not taste anything like the gardinera that normally comes with italian beef- it almost had like a Chinese five spice flavor to it that just ruined the whole thing. The provolone cheese was completely cold and straight out of the fridge too… talk about unappetizing!

At the end, I wanted to wash away the grease and bad experience by going to the bathroom to wash my hands and it smelled so disgusting, I gagged.


Yo where’s my sandwich I ordered it over an hour ago and I’m 6 blocks away.  Not even big city blocks like short neighborhood ones.  I’ve been painting and drinking beer all day and I sure have worked up an appetite something fierce


It is now over 2 hours and I still have no food. Hey Al.  Do you know what I expect to be doing 2 hours after order one of your sandwiches?  I will tell you.  I expect to be having wonderful no regret diarrhea. Not sitting here irate and hungry.  So I call to see what’s going on.  Hoping to hear that the delivery guy got run over by a bus or some other legitimate excuse.  Instead I hear excuses about them not getting my phone number from  now I understand the confusion.  You think that since you are bringing me a sangwich we are dating.  Wrong.  Right now I don’t want to hear excuses I want to hear the sound of someone bailing out a sinking rowboat as I diarrhea your beefs into my toilet.  I am displeased with your service

Oh also their food tastes pretty good but it gives you diarrhea.  Especially if you get giardanara on your samdwich.  So you should know that as well if eating here

Steve Glochowsky: happy birthday

23 Aug

8*23*16 rat

Happy birthday to her fake ass.

What did you get for her steve?

A used tshirt from the hamper?

A 2 for 1 ebay tshirt offer with FREE shipping to kenya?

We guessed nothing is what you got her and a few more new lies to gift her with right?

Big money is coming soon lizzy.

“Gotta get you here, when you get here”.

I’m sure she will just ding her credit card and be right over then right?

Wrong and watch for a general lack of input from her because steve has a limited vocabulary and neanderthal mindset, think open mouth breather.

Steve Glochowsky: more email

22 Aug


Here at rodent control headquarters we got another email today.

A follow up email confirming from an active member what we have been reporting here for years.

Laughing at Steve wrote:

Yes… The phone number ending in 2996 is the one that was sent. I’ve known about the “blog” since it was 1st started. EVERYTHING IS TRUE! This cheap hobo mind set has not changed over the years. All he cares about is member numbers which is all false. You can’t have 8k members and no one gets over 100 likes for anything that is posted ( well if you show your tits or a booty shot it will bring out the perverts, and black woman “fantasy ” vultures). I’m just watching and waiting for his ultimate melt down… Someone is gonna hack his shit and all his lies will finally be shown. This man is a straight up lying hypocrite.

Steve Glochowsky: the watchers

21 Aug


A growing number of unhappy members and former members are coming online.

He has 40 active members lmao.

Here today at the rodent control office we got this email.

He’s being stalked by people he bans.

Troll vs. troll. More like troll baiting meaning he’s being played at his own game lmao.

Stealth operative wrote:

I know all about this chump. He banded me from his lame group under my other FB profile. How forgetful he is. I’m in just for the shits n giggles. He already sent me his PHONE NUMBER one day after joining! Hmmmm….but he has a “wifey girl”, right? This hobo is a straight up joke.

“Black women are way to precious to ever be used by white men for sex” Steve Glochowsky quote.

We have this and other overwhelming evidence proving he has, does and continues to use black women and troll for sex. He claims he has a wifey but here he is trying to hook up with a black female from his group. Not getting any these days are ya steve? Hypocrite and piece of shit. Sending ones number is attempt to hook up or arrange a sex date, it’s not a social call.