Steve Glochowsky: attacking children

31 Oct


Like we have reported the rat has a hate group for posting his daily hate towards white blond females.

Here today we see him attacking what appears to be a teenage girl.

Then again the rat disowned his granddaughter because her skin tone is too light.

She looks too white to get any acknowledgment from him on any level.

Just like the child support he never paid, he ignores it.

Tara McRae: second thoughts?

30 Oct


Today we see tara (steve) has removed her profile photo with the pussbag steve.

A new budding relationship and happy new partner.

She is so excited and happy she removed his photo within one week…why?

Status still says in relationship.

The abrupt change could be from her seeing the real steve or perhaps she doesn’t care either.

She has the couple pic still and switched out to an older photo she had on file so it’s just the idea to REMOVE the existing pussbag pic and switch to something else quickly.

Steve Glochowsky: new products

30 Oct



Shittens! For fat fucks who can’t reach.

Ah yes a new invention for the lardass obese community and steve.

So if you are fat like him and too lazy to wipe or make it to the toilet we have this handy item.

Shit your pants in style and confidence knowing these handy wipes will take care of that mess no problem.

Steve Glochowsky: porn distributor

28 Oct



Like the weiner steve has a long history of promoting porno online.

Online and in real time as well even with children.

It came to light that one of the kids was playing on the computer and accessing porn online even printing out nude adult photos.

The rat laughed about it and did nothing.

So to him allowing children to openly view porno is healthy and normal.

To steve abusing children is funny.

Steve Glochowsky: rat fucked

26 Oct



Filth and off topic postings (unmoderated) in the rat group.

Further proof he does nothing but add trolls for numbers.

Further proof tara the turd is doing nothing as an admin.

The man points out the issue but is ignored.

The screen shot shows the woman’s ignorance as she says “they is easier to fuck than other kinds of women”. Other kinds? You mean like the female kind?

Steve is busy telemarketing and shoveling mexican slop food into his mouth and spanking it too low grade porn.

Steve Glochowsky: styro lunch

24 Oct


Another gourmet eatery and gourmet high end lunch today.

No word on cubs win.

He gets this crap from a local market like super market.

It’s not even a sit down diner just a take out counter.

Like als beef is a corner food stand roach trap but he brags it like he’s in a five star diner.


He has nothing else to talk about.

This is the high point of his day being OUT of his telemarketing cubicle.

I notice the tara profile is responding to his good morning post within minutes.

Because of the past patterns we can only assume he’s controlling her profile.

Since he’s being ignored by most of the 9000 troll members he has to fake and front interest because no one cares.

How interesting is some fat old troll who sits alone taking photos of his lunch items…because he’s nothing else to talk about?

Hmm chips hot dogs and a sugar laden soda perfect.

Steve Glochowsky: cubs win

23 Oct


Er um what

To show what a true asshole he is not one word is spoken.

Cubs have won.

A true sportsman would offer a congratulations even if the team is not favored.

Nope all sox and only if they win is the team talked about.

If they lose he switches to college game scores to find a win to report.

Where are your sox now mr mouth?

It’s called being a poor sport and a sore loser.

The rat steve is used to losing and he’s been a loser his entire life.

His only stability ever came from mooching money off his now dead parents.

I don’t hear him saying anything now.

Why is that I wonder?