Steve Glochowsky: charades continue

30 Nov



Today we got these 2 updates.

One sent by an operative with tara speaking in full ghetto style ebonics.

When we spoke to her previously she was nothing like that.

Further proof of hijacked profile.

Second this is the second time we have seen tara leave his group and today we can see she was force added back by him.

Note the date nov 28 and the admin counter still says 1 instead of 2.

Whoever is controlling the hijacked profile speaks in ghetto ebonics like the whore michele williams did.

That abrupt personality change is proof she is not in control.

He’s simply logging in to her profile and using it for his own selfish needs.

She may have abandon it completely after the phone was stolen and he begged for money.

Then she refused to allow him to attend TG dinner at the family home for fear of ridicule and harassment.

He’s a national embarrassment to bwwm and a public disgrace.

Steve Glochowsky: no lunch

29 Nov



No lunch pics and nothing from the long holiday weekend.

Gee if he was in a relationship of any kind would he not boast and brag happy holiday food and bliss?

Not a word and no photo ops.

Tara of course enjoyed the holiday with her grand kids and kept him away despite him trying to INVITE himself.

Now we see he’s not even posting lunch pics.

If not it means he’s not at work.

If he’s not at work it means no money.

Steve did you run out of food stamps or what?

Just curious.


Steve Glochowsky: rerun

24 Nov


Alone again on major holiday and repeating himself again.

Oh ya make sure and tell everyone to watch a rerun of an old game.

You know that is just what every normal person wants to do on a holiday.

Your team lost and failed so get over it.

Spending any time with friends or family today Steve?

Where is tara?

Sitting alone in a cold space watching reruns is classic loserdom.

Hey are you by chance watching that rerun on a VHS tape on your VCR?

Steve Glochowsky: promoting terrorists

23 Nov


Someone posted this photo.

Is this another hinking muslim terrorist?

Why covering the face in the photo?

Since shitcago is a sanctuary city are terrorists also welcome?

We don’t drive camels here is the USA so why would she post this other than to promote hinking?

Please to be waxing my camel good day.

I bet this bitch has a vest full of C4 strapped on under that burka outfit.

“Do they have internet service?” hahaha no but they have camels.

Steve Glochowsky: Holiday Happiness

20 Nov



Alone again.

Just in time for the holidays he’s been dumped again lmao.

Today tara left his group.

After he stole her phone and begged for money I think it’s pretty obvious why.

He of course won’t says anything.

Just like sports, he only reports wins.

Never reporting anything sad or real is his way of hiding his failures.

A man steps forward to ask “Is he single?” and as usual no response from the rat.

He likely has a back up from kenya so watch for the fast shuffle coming soon.

“Today we welcome our new super model and moderator ABC from kenya”.

Shut up asshole!