Steve Glochowsky: Sherwin Ave home

29 Dec

Here is the family home he lived at up until his mother died.

Him and his mentally retarded brother both lived there for free.

Steve slept and lived in the frontal living room area.

He reported sleeping on a sofa for 10 years before he was forced to leave.

He claimed he stayed home to “save money”.

He also told people or defended it or explained it away as a temporary living situation.

Anything beyond a few weeks or months means you’re mooching, taking advantage and are a LOSER.

Save money? No steve being an adult is about earning a living not playing around with lazy part time jobs that make no income.

As a jew you think he would get this but never did.

He also claimed he was in a relationship and was planning to move in with a lady.

That of course never happened.

He then went dragging his adult child along with him to bunk up and share housing costs he said.

Seriously? You are how old and have no home of your own? Not even a room rental?

Ashamed yes and always a cry baby hardship story of how hard the world has been on him and unfair etc.

Whiner cry baby mamas boy who was never able to shit without mommy whiping his ass for him, he never grew up.

So now as an adult manchild he’s explaining away things like living with mommy “I am never home, it doesn’t matter, I can get hotels on the weekend and save money”.

No steve that’s not what adults do that’s what losers like you do.

Ultimately a failure in all areas of his life including earning a living.

Tara McRae: motel notell

28 Dec

Ever notice all the pics steve posts are in cheap motel rooms?

That’s because he never has a home and/ or place suitable to entertain.

The excuses over the years have been family, place is too small and his son living with him. These would never prevent most people from inviting a friend over would it?

In his case it’s lies just like everything else.

If it makes no sense it’s drugs or lies in 98% of cases. Mental illness could be another.

Take a look at these pics.

Note: same crappy motel room. (2)

Note: cheap latex lined black out curtains common in fleabag roach motels.

Note: window ac/heater unite is always common in ghetto roach motels.

The only pics she has are the ones snapped in a cheap motel by someone who had a camera.

She’s even reusing those pics to publish holiday graphic stamps on.

Even the third world urchins have a few new pics so this is either because she abandon the page or steve can’t get to her to get new pics to post. Smells a lot like the whore michele williams to me.

Going back 15years we have never seen steve with his own home and a photo of a black women with him, never. Always a cheap ass motel or coffee shop.

Like many others it’s also quite likely she is a prostitute and he met her for a one time motel romp. (little woo)

Aside from the grandchildren she has no other current pics just a few snapped by the rat in the same roach motel room. Nothing about that is ODD or unusual is it?

Steve Glochowsky: jew to jew

26 Dec

I think jews should date other jews only.

He needs to stay away from black women period.

Why ruin people’s lives by even getting involved.

Jews should stick to dating other jews and leave us out of it.

He’s destroyed countless lives already.

Everything he touches turns to shit.

3 children have a deadbeat for a dad.

Do we need more of this?

No we don’t.

The truth is even his own kind do not want him and he cheated on a jew he was married to. Explained away as “an arranged marriage” ya right you lying cunt. Why not just say NO? Mommy and daddy pressured you into it? LMAO we call that being a mamas boy where I come from. Go figure.

He needed the hand holding to walk him through it and so he would stay connected to the family payroll. Lazy no talent lying jew piece of shit.

He has only told this story to a select few people. He only goes deep when it’s a female he thinks he has a shot with. It’s a tool of manipulation designed to create sympathy for a pitty frack. (Yvonne House Thompson thanks for providing us with this info)

43 Shot, 11 Fatally, In Christmas Weekend Shootings In Chicago

Steve Glochowsky: Past present and future

24 Dec

Past, present and future are always the same for the rat. Always repeatedly rejected over and over and repeated failures.

Do we need to recap the boasting and bragging?

How about the marching to the US embassy?

Failure to import or export?

The nigerian queen flat out rejected him after his attempts at drug store dating failed.

Here is a blast from the past of his skankness attempting to pose as a jew in front of a tree that has nothing to do with that religion. As a Christian she rejected him.

Where is you mouth now mr steve? Where is the nigerian queen?

Where is tara?

Where is sophie?

Where is lizzy?

Where is the whore michele williams?

Steve the jew is and always will be jealous of men who can get women. He can’t.

Steve Glochowsky: jew boy alone

24 Dec

Sitting alone with no friends or family he grumbles like a senile old coot. Lighting his candles in contempt. Oh look he dug some new shit out of the trash so it appears he upgraded. Nope we know he just dug it out the dumpster from his parents house. Where is tara? Why are you not having holiday with her? Not invited. Jews not welcome or wanted. No Christmas pudding for jews. Suck it bitch.

Steve Glochowsky: Merry Krampus

24 Dec

Hey steve were is the holiday photo ops? You should be enjoying a long holiday weekend with tara the tard your new wifey S.O.

No photo ops have been posted on this matter. Why is that I wonder?

Could it by chance be yet another bullshit story?

Broadcasting another FAKE relationship?

My guess is you’re sitting alone at some soup kitchen for free food being ignored by anyone else.

There is a party and you’re NOT invited. Hope you have fun counting those 10k imaginary members you cunt.