Steve Glochowsky: salivating pervert

27 Jan
Snaggle tooth


Need this in shitcago but he can’t even afford decent food.

This is why nothing ever happens or as we have seen when they meet him they move on quickly.

The nigerian queen ran back to her mud hut and never spoke to him again. After months and months of boasting and bragging his new found love and “wifey” she sent him a dear john letter in his group lmao. He got publicly dumped. Laughed at by black and white women to his face and he says nothing and turns red.

Now for more proof of him repeating himself over and over. These are actual screen shots saved by our operatives. Like a hound dog humping someone’s leg. He’s not even creative. He says the exact same thing to any girl if she is 18-23 single mom, black and skinny. God knows how many thousands of others get the exact same postings with him using an alias aka fake ID.

Steve Glochowsky: Importing is the ticket

Steve Glochowsky: true love interest

27 Jan

Steve is extorting money from tara claiming he needs an urgent surgery.

That is true face transplant lmao but anyway ya.

He plans to use those funds to import his current cam wank honey seen here.

That’s why tara is angry.

Plus he’s not fucking her.

She’s playing nurse maid to him and rat jr running errands and preparing food.

Per usual an older lady that might be a good choice for him is rejected because he’s so in demand he can pick just about any woman he wants.

As you can see it’s worked out well for him.

He won’t ever learn a lesson or take advice from anyone, nope.

I see a loser fat old broke telephone sales rep compulsive liar who has nothing to offer any decent female.

His lying and explaining away has come full circle and in the past he could dance around it. Not now they see right through it.

You are 65 and don’t even have a home>? Sharing what with your son? No car? Ok so you share a car? That’s the same as NOT having one just like sharing a home.

The other reason he won’t invite women to his home is he can’t act out his vile reprobate sex antics.

If the date pulls out a cock he can’t have the place smelling like shit because stevie would tell him mom because he’s a gossipy little bitch just like deadbeat daddy.

Tara McRae: angry and jealous

26 Jan

Rat has been sniffing and dry humping this one for a while. Tara is jealous.

We see this post today trying to slander and discredit this lady.

She claims the person has HIV and AIDS which both haVE BEEN PROVEN TO BE MYTHS AND EXAGGERATED BY THE AMA.

So how would tara know some lady from another country has this?

Someone told her?

Medical lab reports?

How about she an angry jealous cow who at one time was flirting with steve or someone else in the group and she got jealous and made up a story?

That sounds correct to me.

What a piece of shit just like steve himself.

In the post she barks the lady works here

Steve Glochowsky: mirror mirror

26 Jan

Thanks stealth operative for pointing this out.

Well lookie here if it isn’t tara mcrae shumpert and steve glochowsky jr (baseball contract) in the mirror we see.

She probably had to pay for him to get a haircut which is why she is still in her lab coat from work.

Rat jr is on the left with his little hoodie on in gray.

Funny how nothing changes.

He’s not broadcasting any great relationships these days and if he’s getting any from tara he would never speak or brag of it because she’s not 23 and skinny.

Rat jr is forced to share housing with his dad because deadbeat dad doesn’t earn enough to pay rent for any normal housing.

The fact that they’re with him means nothing more than he needed money or a ride to get a haircut lmao.

You can see Stevie is taking the photo with his phone because steve has no phone service lmao.

Steve Glochowsky: clown suit fat fuck

25 Jan

From the rat archives we ask “where’s your whore now steve?”.

We know where she is…not with you.

Interesting how the same exact pattern repeats over and over.

No matter how much broadcasting boasting and bragging it’s always the same.

No matter how HARD he tries to convince you it’s real, it always is fake.

Even if he has photo proof which he uses and abuses as a marketing tool.

95% of he photo ops are “one time meetings” that never result in any relationship.

A women who shows up for cash (michele williams) is not a relationship.

Check out fat fuck in this pic.

In his clown suit, fat and sleeping in da club but he claims he’s in shape and down to twerk it with women half his age.

The sick fact is he goes after women younger than his own daughters age.

Pervert wanker and closet pedophile.