Steve “tropical” Glochowsky: warm weather !@#$%^&

25 Feb

Hey assfuck where’s your warm tropical weather now?

I don’t hear you saying anything now.

Why is that I wonder?

Where’s the loud mouthed cancel all flights posts?

Where’s you rightious indignation now hmm?

Don’t here you saying anything now.

Telling only part of a story is lying ya know?

Are you up on the roof sunning yourself skippy?

Reporting only wins. Reporting only upsides with relations. Reporting only select items to drown out the bad.

3 warmer days now back to electric socks and down parkas.

“I got a 1.99 all you can eat lunch special”. (3 DAY DIARRHEA ATTACK)

Steve Glochowsky: weather lies

22 Feb

Tara got tired of him lying about everything including weather.

Bragging a few warmer days during winter.

He hides inside and lives in fear.

The rat would have you believe his city is a fucking tropical paradise.

We know better.

Summer or winter no one visits shitcago for the weather.

The rat boasts 65 degrees.

Oh really so why does this show ice, hail and fucking snow plus rain and temps dipping into subzero ranges?

That is the norm for 6 months per year or longer in his oh so tropical island of shitcago. All we know is the outbound flights to miami and vegas are always packed full. Imagine that wonder why?

Such a joke even his own uncle clowns his ass lmao.

Tara McRae: Class my ass

20 Feb

Steve said he kicked you out because you are fat and retarded.

Class? Tara you never had it and never will.

You whine bitch cry and moan about some man who is also the lowest form of scum.

By default we know you’re a loser just by being caught hanging around his filthy ass.

Now you wanna bitch about hos in his groups.

Now you wanna claim you aren’t a member?

It’s a simple two click solution even a retarded third grader could use but it’s too complicated for you lmao.

Class can’t be bought or learned. If you have to state it you don’t have it.

You either have it or you don’t and tara you don’t.

No class or integrity or character.

The FBI man gonna give you a lesson on how and why you aint got it.

If you further had any “class” you would be focused on something productive like one friend pointed out but you prefer the bitching pitty party. No class. Troll loser.

More lies for example “I am rich, I have class, I love women, I am the worlds greatest lover.” Anyone who has to BROADCAST those things in lying and it’s never true.

If these things are true like steve, why would you feel the need to boast brag and broadcast them online? Surely anyone who is close to you would already know these truths as self evident.

“We are the biggest and the best and the original.” No you’re not and no and not even close. Lies, exagerations and out and out fraud. Class?

You get the idea a career deadbeat dad troll liar is about the best you can do tara mcrae shumpert. Catch a case of rat lmao.

Tara McRae Shumpert: incompetent illiterate fucktard

20 Feb

I said it before, no moron of this level should ever be allowed to use a phone or any device that goes online, EVER!

The tard tara was warned even before her bs drama started.

Now she spends every waking moment posting about attacking imaginary online profiles she has never met.

Whether or not she’s still has membership is unknown but sounds like yes.

She was also sent step by step instructions with screen shots of how to remove herself.

It’s about 3 mouse clicks on a comp and maybe less on a phone.

She may also have her privacy settings open so anyone can email her so it’s not even a matter of her being a member, she has been targeted.

Play helpless and the victim trying to get sympathy from anyone who will listen.

Even her buddy is telling her to delete herself but does she listen? Nope.

I got a solution for you tara: KILL YOURSELF.

Steve Glochowsky: weather biatch

19 Feb

Still going, No one cares. Maybe later, Nope nothing yet anyone?

Still waiting anything,,,nope not yet,

Ok again anyone? Bueler? Hello?

Sorry nothing yet.

Again please?

Sorry sir no one cares.

Please try again later.

Truth be told he could have a private jet and a resort on a tropical island paradise and I doubt anyone would bother even with all expenses paid. Shitcago?

Nope nothing yet still waiting,

I hear the red roach inn has some good specials maybe you should get a package deal together and start promoting (I mean lying) about the next all inclusive party of the year?

If the weather is so great why are you posting about it every 10 minutes?

Alone inside the bulletville apartment squeak like a mouse, well rat but same thing hiding,

Tara called she say you is a blueberry pimp ho.