Steve Glochowsky: troll miner

30 Mar

Steve runs several hate groups including the one he posts daily hate banter about white blond females. He claims it’s not a hate group. This again is a man who claims himself a pioneer and example of BWWM relationship standards.

Facebook ‘banter’ trolls from sick groups set up new secret pages 10 MINUTES after being removed – as site struggles to keep track of ‘ghost’ groups

Steve Glochowsky: reverting

27 Mar

The rat took a couple of months off from food postings.

Mainly because his phone got shut off or stolen by tara.

His new junk phone has no data plan.

Today he reverts back to posting the same food posts again.

OMG same food places and same times day in day out.

It’s not like he has a variety of dishes.

And who is it that is dumb?

Not the white blond female nope it’s you steve glochowsky.

Moron is as moron does.

How is tara nuemann?

I hear she has a new man as soon as she kicked your fat ass to the curb she got her a better offer.

How do ya like them apples?

Hey isn’t that the same white fish from down the street they stuff into a roll calling it “lobster roll”?

Steve Glochowsky: hate

27 Mar

He starts his day each and every day with a hate post directed toward any white blond female.

He claims this waitress was stupid and did not know of a wifi.

Maybe it’s not her job to know when or if the wifi is working?

Like maybe it’s also not her job to know what is in the secret sauce they’re adding to your california roll fat boy, it’s not mayo.

I bet the wifi is from another local eatery or shared.

Regardless her IQ is still higher than yours is steve because she has a job that pays her on time, you don’t.

Wonder what a white blond female is doing working? Same thing a fat jew is doing eating and wasting his life away at a fake sushi place. She thinks fat jews should be at the kosher deli.

Steve “Troll” Glochowsky: rejected membership

20 Mar

Banned for life scumbag!

Steve the rat glochowsky boast and brags his groups as the greatest and original.

Steve is always trolling other online groups to graze members by sending unwanted invites.

He also wants to see what others are saying about him.

One former member has his own group which steve attempted to join today.

Rejected and blocked!

No thanks steve your kind are not welcome in that group.

Unlike your troll ass we have some standards.

Tara McRare Lardass: now tara nuemann

19 Mar

After deleting or disabling her real profile in shame she surfaced with a new one and a new name.

Imagine that?

She learned a few things from steve we see.

Like how to lie and front online.

She was smart enough not to change her last name to glochowsky.

Now some fat fuck in texas has promised her a wedding we see.

Same lame motel room photos too but now boasting married and using this guys last name.

Wow tara that didn’t take long, what like two weeks to dig up a husband?

Perfectly delusional.

It proves anyone male or female is better off away from the rat and his bad karma funk.

Steve Glochowsky: obesity now excused

18 Mar

As time has passed steve “FATASS” glochowsky has changed his posture on obesity.

In the past steve would rant and rave about the obesity epidemic and dangers of fast food diet and watching tv.

Steve berated and harassed obese women for years and ran them out of groups or argued with them and banned them.

Steve even launched a campaign to get people active called “turn off tv week”.

Now time has passed and he himself is a big fat lazy pussbag.

So now he accepts cows and obesity promotions as normal and says nothing.

So now along with trolls and spammers and predators we have obesity promoters.

The fat acceptance movement is working it’s way into his main group.

Steve of course ignores it.

Now promoting obesity, sedentary lifestyle and high fat high carb diet.

He’s also been caught with these cows many times. Recently tara macrae fatass who quickly got used and dumped by steve the rat.

He will diddle cows but won’t ever brag about it because those cows will fuck anyone.

Steve Glochowsky: the difference

13 Mar
Steve be like this.
Others be like yep this is cool.

Most people will take a trip to a warmer climate during winter.

Not steve but he will berate and harass others who do.

He will boast tropical weather and say cancel all flights to…

This fucking loser won’t even travel if he can mooch and get it all for free.

Coward and pussy. No wonder even the older women want nothing to do with him.

After all how long is hearing his nigga street jive about his big money deals coming all the while staying broke and eating the same GD food every day in any way exciting or interesting?

I think he may have gotten banned by FB from over posting food photos like a commercial website would.