Steve “time traveler” Glochowsky: timeline facts

30 Apr

Because of his mental illness and obsession on young girls he can’t keep focused.

Granted if these victims were in person meetings it would have shut down much quicker.

It’s easy for him to make a great sales pitch of riches and wealth and living the good life in the good old USA.

Easy for anyone when the prospect lives in a mud hut and clean water is considered a luxury.

He has no loyalty to anyone. That’s why the timeline is funny. He can’t keep a fake online charade going for more than a few months until poof chucked and on to a new one.

Steve Glochowsky: liz leaves

January 2, 2017: Elizabeth in relationship with Matthew Witdouck


December 16, 2016: comments from Matthew start to come in (Elizabeth’s pictures)


October 14, 2016 : Tara puts “in a relationship” profile update


October 8, 2016 : Tara comes into the picture


October 8, Elizabeth is removed from almost all of his groups.


October 7, 2016: Elizabeth and Steve are no more makes a “dear john” post in group


May 23. 2016 : Elizabeth comes into the picture


May 23, 2016 : Sophie is cut from the picture

Steve “pedo” Glochowsky: unhealthy

30 Apr

Steve has and has had an unhealthy attraction for prepubecent girls.

On through the years you can see the young black women who are skinny and 90 pounds and flat chested or A cupped?

Those are the women he likes best.

This unhealthy attraction is a form of pedophilia.

There is a reason they all look like undeveloped 12 year olds.


What is a Pedophile? Hebephile, Ephebophile, Teleiophile, Infantophile

Steve “met” Glochowsky: never met

30 Apr

He has never met her.

Here today we prove the lie as he boasts and posts.

How cleaver of him to not identify them.

He means liz but he would claim no someone else.

3 other countries but he says go to clubs meet in person.

14 marriages never happened from him or his group.

He has no proof of this but continues to bark that from the roof tops like it’s a god given fact. It’s a lie.

Evon moo cow did marry but not from his group and his group was not causing point. (yahoo, no proof)

It’s like saying so and so met on my street so I am to take credit for it and anything else that ever happened on my street.

How about robbery,. rape and murders?

Don’t see him reporting those but I know some of the 12000 members have been witness to crimes on all levels.


Steve Glochowsky: continued fraud

30 Apr

Steve has to go back and edit her marital status. “single”

Continued fraud and lies today as he moves the fronting and advertising into his main group.

“She is so helpful” you mean when you kicked her out or forced her to leave recently? Oh lover boy?

So dear and loving of you she was ejected and thrown to the curb without any forethought?

Oh another name change imagine that?

Her canned reply sounds like a scripted rat response.

Over the top gushing love and emotions.

Ya steve we get. You moved back to staging fake relationships to advertise yourself.

We get it.

It’s not working and no one is coming to shitcago to see you. Not now not ever.

“Since we got back together?” but they have never met in person so how could they be together or back together?

She is playing right along with his imaginary relationship games.

Dating life not looking so great steve? I know go back and brownnose it and recycle.

Steve Glochowsky: excited

28 Apr

So excited about his new…I mean do over relationship he’s done something new, creative and different.


Oh sorry ya my partner was yelling “no no no he orders pizza every day”.

Also world class gourmet reports best in the world.

Got news for you ghetto steve, world class pizza doesn’t come in cardboard box.

That topping looks like dog food.

Also the lack luster sports teams…yawn.

So his high flying week ends friday with pizza from a box and sports scores.

Wow I would just shoot myself and be done with rather that live that duldrom.

Steve Glochowsky: marketing fraud

28 Apr

Oh how cute.

He’s patched things up with the former imaginary wifey to be liz and is once again wanking his limp dick to a skype chat session.

So once again confirming he has and does preform cam wank sessions in his cubicle.

He pointed the cam out the window to show her a view of the dirty street area outside his office. Lots of dog shit in that street area.

Notice he’s not posting any of this in his big main group?

Playing imaginary relationships on a cam chat?

There is a sickness where one becomes so addicted to fantasy that reality is no longer relevant in the mind of a sociopathic predator.

Like for example some men may become addicted or obsessed with a porn actress. Then when they can’t ever get that type of relationship they continue acting out the fantasy via cam or vids because that is as close to the real thing as they will ever get.

I see it the same with these foreign women who use looks to get play with men. Neither party is serious about the actually meeting and interacting in real time. So the charade plays along week after week with both of them acting out parts and bullshitting each other.

The scammer wants money. The victim wants sex.

We have seen these story lines go on for months even years.

Even if she got a plane ticket etc I doubt she would fly to shitcago to meet him.

Besides everything else he has no money and nothing to offer.

What is he offering to share his personal pan pizza with her? Sharing explenses of a motel room? How about sharing family costs of rent food, clothing etc.?

Keep bragging about cam chats steve because like the baseball contract, it will never happen and even years later we will still be reporting it here.

That cam chat hoping to meet is the biggest farce fraud fail front we have seen since the ball contract story but now we are on round 2 for lizzy lou.

Steve’s plan is to get her to shitcago with the kid and get her on welfare so he can spank it and live rent free at her section 8 housing. Steve had that same dream delusion with michele williams the whore. He wanted her to get section 8. She did get her own place and never invited him over not even once, ignored lmao. Fail epic fail. Still trying, nothing yet. Anything yet? Nothing yet no 10 years later 11 years later 12 years later. Tick tock motherfucker.

She thought “why would I want that fat pussbag hanging around broke and limp dicked?” Good fer nuthin!