Steve Glochowsky: wifey lies repeated

30 May

We have covered the rat steve repeatedly lying about engagements and planning weddings.

This one stepped off the plane to visit relatives and was accidentally exposed to the rat.

The rat immediately assigned her the title of wife.

The rat immediately barked the order “we will get married”.

The women he does this with always laugh (not with him) at him.

He starts planning out a future and wedding dates are announced.

No sooner then that and she was on a plane back to fucking nigerian.

Imagine that?

Later sent him a “dear john” letter posted publicly in his group for all to laugh at.

Now in other cases when the female has not been a group active member he keeps the lie going. Even when photo ops dry up and they don’t return his phone calls or speak to him he still claims it’s a relationship.

As we have seen our operatives have reported many many times, he’s always lying.

We can go back 15 years and his first ever reported romance went on for about a year or so. As time passed we found out it was a one time meeting and the lady never spoke to him again. They met one time and when his phone blow up behavior started she disconnected her phone to get away from him.

Others he did the exact same behavior with came clean with us, the dude creeped them out plain and simple.

One lady saw him coming in person and ran away fast, she would not even say hello she just ran for the door to get away from stalker steve.

Steve Nigowsky: toxic environment

30 May

Anything he touches turns to shit.

Relationships, job contacts, accounts for personal use like phone company.

Any female he comes in contact with turns toxic very quickly.

Day by day members report the toxic and dysfunctional climate of his group.

The porn and filth and spam.

Even the magic man chimes in with a long winded laundry list post of instructions for resolving the matter.

Maybe mr magico should complain to steve since he’s the one allowing the scum of the earth to flood his group. Just so he can claim X thousands of members.

When in fact he’s a fucking joke and groups with 50k and even 100k have good moderation and less spam and make him look like what he is, a clown show.

Note both these complaints are completely ignored by steve who’s busy. He however has time to post his latest banned wanker update.

Magic boy needs to know steve is the biggest sexual harasser of all time and career online predator to black women.

Steve “my wife” Glochowsky: character assesments

29 May

This is just what we need in this country.

More losers claiming and devaluing the title of husband or wife when nothing of the kind is taking place.

Steve says it doesn’t matter if they are really married or engaged or if they are legally married or even if he bought a ring.

Like everything else in his life, it’s a lie but he says it’s true because he says so.

Recap the history and steve has a long history of barking outrageous claims that never happened.

The bonehead women who play along are too stupid and ignorant to understand it.

We are engaged he says. He has many times done the same exact thing. Later turned out the lady never agreed to it or to marry him. He never followed through with his claims.

So now he’s got this title barking back and forth with liz.

The only reason rerun lizzy would agree? To get a green card.

Who would agree to marry some loser who can’t even pay his rent?

Liz round 2 reeks of desperation and scam.

I bet she would eat my shit if I got her a green card.

He’s playing the protector of black women.

Robbery, rape, beatings, assault, porn, spam, degradation are all in his history and documented.

Steve E. Glochowsky: SUSPENDED!

28 May

Steve we ran a back round check today.

Matt Stone private detective agency has several databases they use.

One is for department of automotive services.

Steve your license shows “suspended”.

Care to explain to us as to why?

Just curious ya know since you are claiming a foreign wife to the cost of thousands of dollars yet you don’t even have a driver license?

Please explain this for us.


Steve Wankowsky: sucker punched

28 May

Probably couldn’t get him to send money for her papers so she can “git here”.

Couple of questions
First, Who post something this dramatic for the flu?

Second, if it was just the flu she could have answered that girls question in the comment section.

Third, who gets a “one day flu” when you get the flu you are at least sick for a week and then some.

Steve Glochowsky: webcam wankcam

28 May

Addicted to fictional fabricated relationships because he can’t have a real one.

Here today we see proof of it, again.

He’s addicted to video chatting and such.

His kid is as worthless and he is and doesn’t even have a job or go to school.

His female friend may have a cash stream via a loan or parents.

All reports show neither of them work. Lazy cunts!

“We (who is we?) can’t wait until you gets here”.

Last time she posted he is coming to “get her”.

Ok decided who is going and when?

Got that visa together yet steve?

Still lying about it are we skipper?

Real people who have anything going for themselves don’t play on a webcam with someone in another country they won’t ever meet. They turn off the computer and live life with real people in the real world.

For steve the fantasyland he creates is as real as it will ever get for him.

How about that wedding you promised over and over?

How about the endless lies of baseball contracts?

Got any new lies to report steve?

Why can’t you answer simple questions on what steps are being taken to import this webcam wifey?

Maybe because you aren’t doing shit?

“Get here, when you git here, gotta git ya here in shitcago”.

When she gets here all things are possible.

Behind the scenes that’s what he is telling her and blowing smoke up her ass with false promises.

Steve “cyber” Glochowsky: cheating

28 May

When she comes in and you are texting some girl and/ or vid chatting is that cheating?

When she tells you to stop it and you ignore her is that not cheating?

Recent reports show steve did this without any apology, shame or regret.

Sociopaths are not capable of feeling empathy for others.

Sociopaths feel people are tools to be used for there own person pleasures.

When the use expires they’re disposed of like a sandwich wrapper.

Steve has been addicted to cyber sexing for years.

So much so he declined job offers unless he could be parked at a desk all day with his laptop online. Reason: so he could get instant messages from skanks of yahoo and view webcam shows. Seriously.

Steve of course is quick to point the finger and call others addicts of alcohol drugs and smoking. That makes him feel better about his own chronic addiction.