Steve Glochowsky: acting out again

29 Jun

Steve claims Liz is his wifey.

Steve has proclaimed his true love and devotion to her an her alone for life.

True love.

Or is it?

If so then why is he running around posting sexually perverted comments on other woman’s pages?

This is nothing new and he’s always trolling for a sniff, nude pics or a cam show.

Until his distraction shifts nothing changes.

Unless she is front and center he won’t shift his distraction from trolling online.

Liz may have written him off knowing all to well he’s made lies before and he doesn’t have the money to bring her to shitcago.

He has a hardcore addiction to online porn and cam shows.

Tara McRae reported him cybering daily with other females from the groups. Mainly south africans.

All day at work. When away from laptop he has his phone. When home the desktop laptop is running all day.

He will even wake at 3am if an email comes in or other text message etc.

Unless it’s a phsyical distraction nothing can pull him away from his computer porn addiction. He eats and shits while staring at his phone too.

Steve Glochowsky: still lying

28 Jun

Steve continues to lie today about parenting.

Steve was never a father to any of his children.

Steve was a sperm donor, nothing more.

Steve has 3 children not 2 as he claims here.

Steve hates white women due to his mom rejecting him, mommy issues.

After his ex wives dumped him he went into hiding to avoid paying child support.

Steve failed to pay any support for 18 years on all three children.

Our operatives were able to locate and track him and he was fingered and turned in to the child support agency.

Currently making court ordered payments to child support restitution.

*Recently Tara McRae reported him NOT paying his support and trying to get her to make the payment. His drivers license was suspended as a result lmao.

We got him arrested for it and prosecuted for felony child support evading while working and earning a living.

So ya he never paid a dime of it and now suddenly he’s claiming he only has 2 kids.

The reason is he’s hoping that case will just go away and he can deny deny deny.

So he has only dealt with 2/3 of his back child support.

We have submitted documentation of the third child and even shown posts of you bragging about it.

Scared much steve?

He went back and removed an old web page he constructed bragging about all his dozens of children…he never paid for.

Once he got busted he started claiming only 2 kids.

Still lying about it hoping it will go away are we skipper?

Steve Glochowsky: africunt

24 Jun

Going on about his banned wankette victory.

Then the other tard follies in full swing yammering on about africants this and africants that.

“Penpal” was someone trolling to prove that steve is not serious about meeting ANYONE FROM KENYA OR TRAVELING TO MEET THEM.

As long as she gets dropped off on his door step everything is fine.

Outside of that he will do what he always does, lie and do nothing.

We see the court updates for his mothers house. It appears one of the brother was in the military and they are trying for a special mortgage program for veterans.

I doubt he would ever be allowed to return to squatting at that property even if the brothers won the court case and kept it.

Steve was written OUT of the family will and trust so he’s not entitled to anything, zero.

He is however being sued on the matter lmao.

Steve Glochowsky: living today

22 Jun

Sorry no party and she aint coming. “When he comes to get me” she says.

Here are some clips of statements and claims steve has made in the past few years.

Notice nothing is ever documented with any proof?

Notice it always seems vague with no proof like a screen shot of a document or application for a visa?

That is because he makes it up on the spot.

That way he can explain it away with ease if anyone asks him later.

“Oh we have had some set backs but it will happen”.

Like the pensions and baseball contracts etc and so on that never happened and never came close to happening because they were all lies?

How about the weddings and engagements he claimed?

We know several of those never happened as well.

How many he has claimed off line without posting we are not sure, hundreds perhaps.

So you can see by his history and time line of posts, nothing he ever “claims” is taking place ever does.

I notice he never talks about what is really happening in his life like paying back child support, being broke or being evicted?

Those would be true current topics the rat steve would never post about.

No worries steve we have it all covered here with proof through court docs and screen shots for all to see.

Steve Glochowsky: criminal element

21 Jun

Here today we see the criminal element is alive and well in his group.

One such incident included a recent beating from a member of his group.

The lady cries out “she should know better”?

Well not always like think advanced babysitting.

Most of these people have trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time.

Steve the group owner relies on these ignorant types for his operation.

The dumb fucks are his only chance to get a sniff of some real live pussy.

Steve was recently involved in a beating he took part in.

Also steve raped and robbed a women from his own group.

A  baseball bat was used to attack the said female.

He was also accused of stealing $5000 from a lady for an online market scheme that was fraud.

Steve of course denies any and all involvement or wrong doing on the matter.

Charges are pending.

Even if the story if half true those are serious allegations and anyone in his group should consider this and his past record.

If it was me I would tell all women to stay out of that group and away from him.

The group is a magnet for scumbags who use and abuse women and are used to getting away with it.