Nikita “bush nigger” Glochowswky: banned wayne ker

31 Jul

Oops a classic again today.

As reported many times before he has used hundreds of fake profiles.

Also manipulating other peoples profiles.

I have witnessed him making profiles for people to “help them” join his group.

They had no interest in it.

Today this was reported.

I guess he forgot to log out of the nikita profile before posting?

Ya I would guess or is she suppose to parrot his same commands word for word?

Steve Glochowsky: motel

30 Jul

What steve does not tell you about himself online?

Many secrets and bizarre behaviors.

Places he goes late at night when no one is watching?

Dirty tranny hookers he beds down in those hourly rate motels?

These and many more things steve the scumbag will never tell you.

He’s great at broadcasting a fake image of himself and his life online.

Painting himself as a stand up guy and supportive single dad right?


Evon 400 pound pig: traveler

30 Jul

Took a break from feeding her fat face to post a vid on travelers.

I guess she forgot steve has no money.


No money to import, check.

No money to travel abroad, check.

Oh sure many people with decent jobs could easily afford it but not steve.

Evon moo cow has never had a job so how would she know?

Talking out her ass per usual.

Steve Nigerian Clown: shitbox toilets

30 Jul

These third world urchins can’t even manage their own shit let alone relationships.

You expect hygiene to be a concern?

Steve would fuck a mailbox if it had tits.

He’s going after cultures so poor clean water is considered a luxury.

This place makes mexico look high end.

Steve doesn’t care how bad it smells as long as he can stick his limp dick inside it or try too.

Nikita Glochowsky: married and looking

30 Jul

Called out as a married whore by her piers.

Steve may have some set backs to legally changing her last name.

What’s that you say?

Oh I see you mean he’s just doing it to attract attention?

Ok I get it.

It’s not real anyway just another game he plays as he trolls for desperate black females.

It’s as close as he will ever get (8000 miles) because no black female would ever agree to marry him. In the past as documented none of the others ever agreed to marry him either lmao. Hell they denied even dating him in most cases let alone marriage.

Steve would deny her being married and claim the comments are being made by haters who are jealous of her beauty and new found love.

Oddly that is the same thing he said when we outed him being married and showed documents to support it as proof (haters who are jealous of my good looks and riches).

Oddly he also said the same thing about all the back child support and collections agencies he was being sued by. He claimed the info was wrong. Later he said it was inaccurate. Then later said it was unfair because he was unemployed. Later said it was “old information and had been taken care of”.

Recently Tara McNugget reported him begging money to pay his child support payment for fear of being thrown in jail again. (Taken care of my ass)