Steve Glochowsky: angry members

30 Aug

This site and info contained within it can’t be stopped, edited or controlled.

We have top level SEO specialists working to keep the daily page ranks high on google and other search engines.

What this means is any person doing a simple search of his name or any terms associated with his name will land themselves 30 pages of links.

As you can see some of these members are aware and also point out him gaming his own group content.

Wow boobs over constructive content?

Steve would never do that or lie over ever use false members or fake profile or tell half truths or exaggerate his claims.

Steve Glochowsky: excited

30 Aug

Wow it’s too bad he can’t get excited about doing something productive like paying child support or earning a decent living.

Instead it’s chatting all day and all night on his whatsapp.

He has never met this nikita person and probably never will yet he insists he’s immune from scammers.

Free international calls means for sure she is legit lmao.

Since every other third world urchin is using it for scams for sure he would not be getting played right?

See? When we say all day and all night we mean it.

“We enjoyed our chat today, can’t wait till you git here” on a sunday no less.

If you ate indoors in warmer weather doing nothing and playing on a vid chat with a fake wifey you have never met?

It’s safe to say you might be a loser.

Steve Glochowsky: like child support

29 Aug

Or any other topic he doesn’t want to talk about?

Like earning a living, being a deadbeat dad or owing creditors for debts?

This post has some good points made.

Does he address it?

No not one word.

Mr nigerian/ kenyan/ so african wifey expert has a big zero to say on the matter.

Hmm could it be maybe because he’s never going to import a wifey or pay for her to travel?

Hmm could it be he himself is so broke he can’t even afford a car so he has rat jr driving him around along with no license from…wait for it NOT PAYING CHILD SUPPORT.

Could it be he never researched the extensive and complicated K1 visa process?

He would defend and say he knows everything about it.

Mr I Know Everything has failed again.

Nikita “meat beata” Glochowsky: pretty vacant

29 Aug

Interesting we see today she has many white male friends posting on her page.

Steve would never allow this.

I bet she sucks and fucks lots of white men.

She gets a few dollars and a new pair of shoes.

She is suppose to be “married” to steve aka wifey.

She was fingered as married and looking by one of her own.

Any way we slice it a whore is a whore is a whore.

We call em as we see em.

The whore michele williams was caught using a whore website seeking men with money to pay her way, that is how she earned the nickname “the whore”.

Steve Glochowsky: houston

28 Aug
The winters are not as bad but you have to dodge bullets year round, got kevlar?
This black man is glad you don’t live in houston because he would be glad to kick your fat ass around the block for drill.

Instead of offering prayers and even donations he hurls insults instead.

If he was in that state he would also have been in jail a long time ago.

How about all the poor people that got flooded out?

Just insult them instead since you would never lift a finger anyway you piece of shit.

Steve Glochowsky: runs a perv group

27 Aug


What the lady says is very true.

The group is an example of who is running it regardless of theme.

So the material posted makes it clear what the group is about.

She makes reference to mass friends and porn models on friends, steve hides his friends list for that exact reason.

Recently tara mcnugget reported him on skype chat with many different women from his group.

Make no mistake, he has been addicted to porn and cam chats for many years.

This is also another reason you never see him with others, addicted to a fantasy.

He has it running all day at work.

He has it running all night at home.

Days off he boasts “we enjoyed our skype chat today” and he never mentions his pervert antics of trying to get the women to strip and perform adult shows for him so he can wank it.

Take any group and if you want to know what the group is about just look at the person or persons running it. A deadbeat dad 3 times over who is 65 fat and broke and some chick from kenya who barely speaks English?

Steve Glochowsky: same lame

26 Aug

Ever notice he does the same things over and over?



That is also a sociopath trait.

Sports jerseys are worn always to let you know yes he’s athletic and active.

Take one look and you know he passes out just trying to climb a flight of stairs.

Athletic my ass it’s a clown show front. Bozo.

Why doesn’t he have any normal shirts?

Over grown teenager?

The cheap eyebrow and hair dye job looks tacky and lame, like a used car salesman which is essentially what he is.

He is using some type of flesh toned cover up cream make up thing to hide his horrid red blotched complexion.

You can also see warts and big hairy skin tags all over his fat mug lmao.

Pre cancerous growth, see a doctor.