Steve Glochowsky: africant vs. american debate

30 Sep

Barry makes good points here. Direct hit on steve the rat boasting his 19 year old wifey.

Barry makes a direct attack on steve and his fake wives of questionale age.

No debate group with a sticky post of rules that are not followed.

Today the debate is africants or americans what do you prefer?

Ever feel like inmates and retards who are locked up are the ones writing these?

Hey Fran has fun sorting through this shit fest lmao.

Here is the best part, you don’t get paid a penny.

Fran Bernard: rat moderator

30 Sep

Fran Bernard teams up with the rat Steve to run the scum of gotham.

He boasts her as a great friend and member for 15 years.

So much so in fact she has NEVER attended any party event or other in person meeting.

So much so in fact she has NEVER met steve or his creepy son.

Because of his recent heart attack he fears the end is near?

He has less time to run the group because he’s busy?

Fran is likely just a loney shut in who will lose interest fast from the day to day drudgery.

As soon as some skank goes crying to steve she will quit or be removed lmao.

Congrats on being the lastest victim!

Congrats on trying to clean up steve’s shit mess of a group.

Like wiping an old mans butt do ya?

Good luck with that.

It’s a good thing you don;t have a life or an online reputation.

Congrats to Fran on wiping steve’s ass.

Steve Glochowsky: mingle faust

28 Sep

Eeny meeny miny moe. Catch a wifey by the toe.

Oh wait, he has three to choose from or forgot which one he’s using this week?

Matt Stone reports show he’s back posting his sports scores on Liz page.

It seems when he’s being ignored he runs to her page for attention lmao.

Nikita never responded to his posts on sox and never will.

Think about it, what female of any age gets hot over a 65 year old heart attack patient who has nothing to talk  about except sports scores and food?

Not only sports scores but only socks scores when they win.

He will report bulls wins in off season when he’s got nothing else to report.