Steve Glochowsky: nude pic

31 Oct

So you notice the 1% are the ones pissing and moaning about nude pics, dick pics, spam, porn, not meeting anyone etc?

The reason: no one wants to meet them and they have nothing to offer.

Kind of like steve the guy who started the group.

He started the group for losers like himself who have no game and can’t get a date.

“Created by losers and deadbeats for losers and deadbeats.”

Steve Glochowsky: international travel

31 Oct

Steve has barked and boasted about his travel plans.

For years now but quiet as of late.

Mainly due to repeated clowning by us truthers.

He says he’s traveling to kenya, nigeria, and other places.

Claims he will march to the US embassy and demand a fiance’ visa lmao.

How’s that demanding working out steve.

Ya say what?

Delays? Set backs? Some cancelations on deals at work? Money trouble? Wanking? Brokeassness? Loserism?

This lady has stepped up and obtained her US passport for travel.

When again will you be traveling steve?

When he gets here? When she arrives? He said/ she said/ two different ones?

After many years of hearing all his stories from basbeball contracts and hiphop record deals to wedding and engagements we indeed conclude he’s once again FULL OF SHITE.

Steve Glochowsky: 30k

30 Oct



Today boasting and bragging like he has some how accomplished something?

Ya right.

This fucking deadbeat can’t even feed himself properly without become an over blown lardass and gas bag.

So he expects you the member to some how respect and look up to him?

Meanwhile nikita is totally dark and ignoring him but she gets credit for running up the group to 30k?

Fran signed up two weeks ago and the other one is busy sucking cock.

Now I may be wrong but why does nikita look fatter and plump suddenly?

God knows those bitches are always knocked up by some random dude.

Like the whore michele williams.

His group busted itself by someone posting for active members.

Not even a 1% response rate.

Out of 200 he has maybe 25 in the USA yet be planning a grand wankfest for 2018…planning on epic failure you mean?


Steve Glochowsky: white women

27 Oct

“Where are the white women at?” says steve.

We know where they are, not with him but they are in his group lmao.

Maybe he can get the jew lawyer to help lmao?

Fran posts to prove she is doing her shit clean up.

Fran why not “a banned wanker”?

Didn’t you learn that from steve or did you just scold this guy and as him to take a time out?


Most women would suck shit from a dogs ass before they would date steve, truth.


Steve Glochowsky: the jew lawyer part 2

26 Oct

“Mike Hunt Mike Hunt please call the customer service phone”.

Rosie C Hunt is a babbling moron.

Her firm?

LMAO I bet she pushes paper in the back office or clean the toilets.

Her firm.

Or she just barks the title to sound important and has no firm representing her.

These bitches parrot every aspect of theirs lives by watching reality tv shows.

Trying to look important are we mz. c Hunt?

Well the fact remains you are still trolling online in the rat group and if you had anything going for yourself you would be WORKING not playing around on the bosses time clock burning out the day.

Let me guess zimbabwei legal is it?

Steve Glochowsky: fake jew lawyer

26 Oct

Steve has a wet dream delusion that he some day will sue everyone lmao.

I bet this is him posing as a jew lawyer.

Hoping to scare or command some kind of law and order?

Threaten to sue people who have outed you?

The truther squad was threatened several times by lawyers.

We laughed at them.

We are waiting, nothing yet sill waiting, next?

Steve can’t afford a lawyer so he’s posing as one instead lmao, fraud.

Steve has not the ways and means to take legal action against a parking ticket let alone a group of ex members who know everything about him from date of birth to present day.

It’s not against the law to post truths about a person if it can be proven.

Nice try steve, next?

Fran Bernard: excuse maker

26 Oct

In an attempt to cover up the fact that she is helping run a scam group she defends herself today making excuses.

So annoying like the age old “you need to fill out a form for that issue”, but they just ask for proof and screen shots.

Who would bother?

We already have proven the group has not even a 1% active membership and out of those only a few are even in the states lmao.

Sorry fran your excuses for steve the rat are lame and meritless.

Aside from being the biggest scumbag degenerate online marketing fraudster you are also supporting a pathological compulsive liar.

Instead of cleaning up steve’s mess after he shits himself why not just make your own group?

That’s what smart people do.

You have already destroyed your own credibility but being part of the rats clown show.