Steve Glochowsky: exposing penis

30 Nov

Lots of men in entertainment have been outed as predators as of late.

Steve is one of those types and we have been outing him for many years.

He’s known to cyber in his back office at work wanking and exposing himself on cam chats and such.

We had a string of complaints on him exposing himself to unsuspecting females during a group chat.

Uninvited and overly intrusive flasher. That is steve.

It’s one thing if she asks or wants to see you nude.

If unrequested you are indeed the same as any of these scumbags being outed in the media.

Steve Glochowsky: vintage 2014

29 Nov

Encouraging and promoting drug use. Nice.

Still boasting himself a great catch as a non smoker.

His teeth are rotting out of his head so he looks WORSE then a meth mouthed smoker lmao.

He claims his car and his apartment are smoke free but I witnessed people smoking inside his car. His son sits around smoking weed all day and playing xbox while steve is at work.

He’s lying.

There was no “dating” interest either (liar) from 1981 – 2000.

He would have hundreds of photos posted if indeed that was true.

He has several ex wives and I have never seen any photos of them except maybe one.

Why is that I wonder?

Steve Glochowsky: daughter and grand daughter

28 Nov

Nice holiday photos.

No comments or greetings from steve the deadbeat.


No greeting is likely since she is still waiting for the money he claimed he mailed 10 years ago lmao…LOSER!

The jew won’t be sending warm xmas greetings since he ignores the holiday.

To him Christmas is another day off and free meal at the soup kitchen for the homeless.

Steve Glochowsky: weight reduction for fatty

26 Nov

Here today another fatty is told to “reduce”.

If someone said that to any black fatty they would be sighted for disrespecting and banned ha!

Steve is also a fatty so I’m sure he understands why the guy is being fat shamed right?

I have a relative who wears tent dresses because…they don’t make a size that large even at the large and lovely shops.

So it’s tent canvas and sewing machine time to make a new outfit so the eating can continue.