Steve Glochowsky: most debunked part 2

30 Dec

Still insisting while he’s called OUT as a liar lmao.

Now here is the kicker, he has separate groups for africans but he says nothing.

The reason is those are token groups for his so called “wives” so they have one they can call their own.

Token groups serve no purpose other than to gratify his wanna be wifey fest.

He tries to impress them with his wanna be FB skills lmao.

“Hey I am spending ten minutes and zero money making a group for you.”

So cool and even a retarded third grader could make a FB group.

It’s three mouse clicks.

Bad parents reviews: Steve Glochowsky

30 Dec

White nigger jew son of the devil is no parent.

He abandon all three of his kids and failed to pay child support.

So much so he stayed unemployed for years to hide from it.

So much so until he could find a cash pay under the table type job he just freeloaded off mommy and daddy.

The courts did finally catch him.

So today he is a convicted deadbeat dad and under a court ordered back child support program.

He spends most of his time lying about relationships and who and what and when he is dating.

Using the title “wifey” to women in other countries who refuse to even speak to him or reply to his endless sports score updates…WIFEY…ya right loser lmao.


Steve Glochowsky: last place

29 Dec

Reporting wins again but can’t change the “losing” status lmao.

Yes you report moronic wins as if they matter.

The team is in last fucking place asshole.

Again busted for trolling the liz page again.

What’s wrong steve has nikita found out the truth?

Is she ignoring you like all the others?

Just sit and play with that electric butt plug and stay off the FB.

No one wants to be bothered by you even those in kenya lmao.

Steve Glochowsky group: not about relationships

27 Dec

Debating today and again proving once again his FB is a total failure for relationships of the bwwm.

This asshole touts himself as the founder and king of this genre.

He boasts and brags about marriages and long relationships which he himself has NEVER had.

Outside of one local moo cow who chimes in he has no witnesses to prove any of his claims.

I have watched and I can tell you no one meets in the FB group and never has except on and off chance of two people crossing paths online.

FB was started for college students to share info. and it was never a dating site and never will be.

Are people serious?

If they are they would be using a professional dating website with a membership fee not free FB groups chocked full of spammers and people who live 8000 miles away.

Back in the Yahoo era a few people did meet and had relaionships but those days are long past and gone.

So why is it steve can’t produce any proof of his age old claims of how many happily married couple he has produced?

Because they don’t exist that’s why.

So to ask who is serious is a joke because no one is.

They all seem to agree that this particular group is a waste of time…but they all keep trolling and stay on as members.

Troll is as troll does.

Steve king of trolls and troll daddy says nothing.

Where are the loyal moderators like fran and nikita?

Why is it again and again there is no motivation for anyone to help and loss of interest continues?

Steve Glochowsky: weather liar

27 Dec

Hey asshole how is that “warm and tropical” 7 degree weather holding up for ya?

Cancel all flights to what cities?

I don’t hear you saying anything now, why is that I wonder?

Hiding inside with electric socks on?

You won’t have to worry about the car NOT starting since you don’t have one.

The bus is still running from what I heard.