Fatass lunch specials: steve glochowsky

31 Jan

Nando means fatass lmao.

Hey at least he’s not trying to hide his horrendous eating habits is he?

Oh look he got a free side of potatoes so much so in fact he needed to snap an extra photo op for it.

That would be the high point of his first month of 2018, potatoes lmao.

I would bet they had left overs and offered it to him for free?

He offered them a free yelp review promo in trade for them.

Steve knows all the tricks and I bet he may even check the dumpsters behind these places after closing time.

We proved he never ever reports dinner time dining because he’s ashamed of it.

He’s known to go into local buffet at closing time to clean up of left overs for a deep discount.

They will let you carry out a huge amount of food for a few dollars because it’s going to be thrown out.

Like you can go to some super markets at closing time and the deli may have bags full of fried chicken and other items marked down for 1 or 2 dollars.

Food stamp losers knows all the tricks and of course your tax dollars are paying for his lunch and dinner and his government health care.

Choke on a cock steve.

The last think a fatass like you needs is more carbs.

Skip lunch and go jogging you waste of space.

Slurping and slopping pig: steve glochowsky

29 Jan

Fresh from his weekend bus trip to a baseball card signing lunch with the local gourmet food expert.

Something new?

I cow burger and some nasty soup…cool.

Beer for lunch?

Take a look at him and look what he eats then it all makes sense.

I do business day in day out in homes and businesses and not one of them is ever sucking down beer at lunch.

That is a habit of drunkards and alcoholics.

Gotta have a nip to keep the shakes down do ya steve?


Steve Glochowsky: sexually inappropriate

29 Jan

Steve allowed his children to watch porno.

He laughed about it.

Inappropriate sexual activities were taking place at the children’s home.

In both cases he laughed and had no concern about it.

Next up abuse history of his ex wives or supposed ex wives.

His ex wife was the product on an incestuous relationship where the grandfather was also her father.

Holy salt lake city batman are they mormons?

With the pre pubescent looking girls he likes I would bet dollars to donuts he’s been with minors many times.

He’s an abuser himself and may have been abused or molested during his childhood.

Beware the rat sexual deviant.

To the posting party I say go to a self help group moron.

You might as well post that shit on CL if you expect any helpful input it won’t come in that cesspool.

More like just another ploy from a lonely loser looking for some attention.

The problem is you: steve glochowsky

27 Jan

Serious questions were asked in the past. Notice he has no details to report? Notice he always has a generic answer instead of details about how and why the visa process is complicated? Liz, sophie. nikita “we are working on it”. He’s doing nothing because he has no money and refuses to travel.

Same story his entire life as to why he can’t ever get and keep a woman around.

Someone else posted about how he could have ever gotten?

The wives were drunken whores who married him for money, he had front money from daddy.

Then he got fired and had no money X 3.

In the end he always blamed them claiming they had drug/ alcohol problems. Refused to work, demanded too much etc.

He also blamed all his debts on the ex wives claiming they rang up bills and never told him about it.

Smell any bs yet?

The list keeps going.

So now he’s been playing the importing game but has no money to even start the process.

Meanwhile shmidlap is blowing his welfare money on baseball cards at an autograph show hahaha.

The problem with all these relationships is steve is involved.

Steve is the problem.

He’s a life long history of failed relationships from start to present without anything changing so at this point it’s only going to get worse not better. He has fewer options than when he for example had no housing expense.