cat fight and shit show: steve glochowsky

28 Feb

The curse of the salamander.

See when he’s away how much help his ever so great moderators are?

They do nothing lmao.

Fran checks in once a month to lock down threads and post a warning.

Nikita spams and tells men to back off (steve).

So since he’s out of work he also has limited or restricted internet usage at his home or whatever troll farm he’s staying at.

His phone data plan is also limited/ restricted.

Steve can’t control the drama in his group or the kaos and drama in his own life.

“My name is steve glochowsky and I approved this message”.

moving work: steve glochowsky

26 Feb

Looks like his work office location moved out of downtown shitcago.

Could this mean trouble for steve?

That would explain him NOT posting lunch updates.

Matt Stone reports the area is industrial and doesn’t have any food places near by.

So yes we are correct, he’s not working due to the move and the pics he posted are repeats to make his normal schedule appear uninterrupted.

Looks like a much longer bus ride for ratboy.

Time to get up at 3am loser so you don’t miss your bus.,+Chicago,+IL+60613/@41.9557898,-87.675716,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x880fd240a782b1b3:0xfef711e5fdd3e091!8m2!3d41.9557898!4d-87.6735273

porn enforcer: steve glochowsky

25 Feb

Before and after. Like a little bitch he ran and deleted it. Thanks to our crack operatives for nabbing it. You can’t hide shit anymore steve ya fucking loser.

Porn monitor and porn promoter steve chimes in today.

On a day to day basis he allows porn and even promotes it.

He’s been doing it for years too.

So now in his ghetto lingo he says “dem’s da rules”.

You mean the rules you yourself don’t follow mr choad of clown show?

I guess you have no sox updates or food to post is that it?

How about those two work outs you paid for with the sox?

That is called “fan appreciation day” and as long as you make a donation you can goof around on the field for a half hour pretending to be a real athlete.

We know both you and your kid failed at baseball.

You never even played on a high school team.

Then boasted your kid as an up and coming star for pro ball which failed and was a lie.

Got new lies on weather and sports for us this week steve?