Abandon Children


Here is one of three.

No child support was ever paid.

One visit every ten years is Steves idea of being a good parent.

“Has anyone seen my Daddy?”



Stevie aka Steven Glochowsky Jr. is missing from his bragging lying update babbles.

One of the three he was FORCED to attend too in a supposed out of court settlement.

He was required to take the kid on some weekends and buy clothes and school supplies.

When steve was kicked out of his mothers house after a 10 year rent free run he used to kid as a pawn to obtain housing.

Because he can’t afford housing he forced the kid to bunk with him to cut expenses.

The mom wanted steve jr out anyway since the welfare ended when he turned 18.

Once again, no support was every paid and steve told jr to never tell his mother anything about what he was doing regarding work period.

Because he never paid her a dime she is still hammering him for money to this day.

He spent most of the 18 years lying to her about his income and his car etc.

Steve admitted “she can’t ever know where I live because she will demand to move in” lmao that is mental illness.

It’s what he gets for lying and hiding money for 18 years too.

He took the kid one weekend per month to shut her up and stay out of court.

He feared action from the local DA so he agreed.

Outside of the fear of jail he would likely have never done anything just like he always has and with the other 2 kids whom he abandon completely.


http://home.earthlink.net/~xjdriver/id1.html (Proof steve reads this site. Upon discovering we have this old page link, he disabled it to protect his lies.) No worries steve we have screen shots of everything and backed up on multiple servers assfuck!

Lies and Mickey and Mimi were NOT his biological children.

At one time he used these black kids as a ploy or marketing tool.

He thought this made him look legit and more desirable to black women targets. (He also claimed he was a father to 13 kids and refused to use the term “step children”)

That whole campaign back fired so now he just says 2.


Notice the rat never speaks of his grand child?

Ya know why?

It appears the father is a white man.

Steve ignores children unless they’re black or mixed so he is racist against his own family.

It’s nothing new either he always spoke of his deep hatred of his parents and brothers alike.

You have to be a real black heart to hate a child due to their racial backround.

When he found out the kid didn’t look black he never spoke of her again.


In the photo is his oldest daughter the one he disowned or denies.

It’s funny how you boast and brag about kids in this post and now poof one suddenly doesn’t exist?

Piece of shit!

Hey Dad I’m still waiting for that check you said you sent me.

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