The rat has anger and contempt for anyone who has recovered from an addiction.

He pontificates his expert PHD level knowledge of it first hand.

He of course knows jack shit about it which is why he has to ban and remove anyone who knows more about it than he does.

He claims people never recover from alcoholism or anything else.

His point is they should just stay sick and die a slow death.

The facts speak for themselves and many millions of people’s lives have been saved through AA and other 12 step programs.

These people do recover and lead normal productive lives.

At least these people have a program and tools to use to help them cope.

The rat on the other hand has nothing and is a walking piece of shit.

Much like he attempts to dictate who someone should or should not date he also attempts to dictate alcoholics should only date alcoholics.

Well it’s a free country and fortunately the rats opinion is like an asshole, everyone has one.

His means less than anyone else’s.

Steve Glochowsky: Addiction specialist and PHD of nothing

Yesterday the rat berated, harassed and ridiculed a man trying to stop drinking. He also harassed him about smoking calling him a “tobacco hound”. Today a women openly admits she has an “addiction” which would be the same thing. The rat of course says nothing.


Why would it be any of his business who someone dates?

Maybe the rat should stick to dating blow up dolls too?


One Reply to “Addiction”

  1. Hmmmmm….for someone who like to pour Grey Goose and Patron down a woman throat at “da club”…just so he can get his dick grind on by a piece of booty…
    So he can cope a feel on some woman ass during a photo op…
    Or get her so drunk… She blacks out….just so he can have his way…
    For him to spew his intolerance to drugs/alcohol addicts…
    Is just being a hypocritical twit….
    I’m pretty sure when he takes his “hooker of the day” to the roach motel…
    He brings those little bottles of booze… Just to warm them up….

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