2 Replies to “alone, food, failure: steve glochowsky

  1. Looks like he’s reusing same Dominoes pic.
    He starts to eat a slice but shoves it back in just to take a pic of it.
    This is his existence folks.
    I have nothing else better to with my lunch time than sit alone and shove a medium pizza down my throat, followed by guzzling a 20 oz bottle of sugar.
    He never talks about his sales job.
    Never talks about any festivals, concerts, or fairs.
    No traveling stories.
    No updates on “Gotta get here” wifey.
    Hell, it’ll be Spring soon….what’s going on with his 20th anniversary BWWM “Never Gonna Happen” shitfest Shing Ding?
    You would think you keep everyone informed or updated on all the festivities and arrangements?
    How is it that truthers remember these things?
    Cause we will never let him forget his lies and continue to expose his dumbfuckery.

  2. This is not a one time thing either, it’s constant and repeated,
    So what do we know?
    He posts daily but the only item of interest in his life is his lunch?
    Lunch yes you the tax payer are paying for his lunch EBT card.
    How about have you created anything interesting?
    Have you helped anyone without expecting something in return?
    Have you accomplished anything productive today?
    No no and never.

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