attention: glochowsky trash digger

11 Feb

Ignored by nikita while the others are seeing other men.

Notice we see this happening more and more?

In the past we did not have as much online info as we do now since most of his relationships are fabricated through online contacts.

In the past they would move on and he would never speak of them again.

Now as we watch we can see they all move on to healthy normal relationships…away from him.

Regardless they move on and actually find someone, he does not.

2 Replies to “attention: glochowsky trash digger

  1. This is nothing new for steve and as stated in the staged photos section.
    He has been doing it for years and lying about it.
    From a one time meeting to a simple online chat pal he fabricates relationships he wishes he could have in real life.
    For steve this has never happened.
    Even when he thinks he’s close it blows up in his face just like all the rest.
    Failure and rejection are certain.
    It’s like the three time loser yapping about the big fish that got away or the lottery winnings he’s yet to land.

  2. Once rejected he’ll troll the friends list and just add them on.
    Sophie became a mom to baby boy last summer so I’m pretty sure she’s not paying any attention to Simpleton Steve.
    He just adds females all day long , with a good majority of them completely ignoring him if contacted for any reason.
    “You have nice feet.”
    Yea that “pick up ” line only works if you are in a feet fetish group.
    Yea, he loves the feet.
    Likes getting that limp wet noodle a massage by them.
    Glad that these women removed themselves from the toxic waste dump of Steve Glochowsky.

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