away from you: steve glochowsky

11 Feb

Proof for the record that women are better off staying away from steve.

Liz proves this by posting her update today.

Note: All these so called wifey prospects he never meets. They all check in to announce they found a mate and it’s not him…hmm wonder why. The nigerian married someone else. Liz, sophie and tara all found other men. Maybe they got tired of waiting for him? Maybe they got tired of his endless lies and stories and failure to launch?

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  1. Funny, failure to launch is a movie about a 40 year old man who never moved out of the parents house.
    We see a lot of the helicopter parenting these days.
    The hand holding and babysitting of grown ass adults.
    The parents are enablers usually babysitting a drug or alcohol problem.
    Steve was out of his parents house for short times then moved back.
    Because he fails to launch.

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