Evon House Thompson:


Operatives report she was raped as a child.

She was raped by a black man.

Her only reason for choosing white men is from her post rape trauma issues.

Also know for screaming temper tantrums.

Unable to enjoy normal sexual relations.

Now after 15 years of ignoring his group she is back as his cheerleader.

Rejection issues and angry with others in rat groups she stopped posting.

The people she doesn’t like are not gone we are here laughing at you.

Yes that’s right if your relationship is so great you have to go into a rat group and broadcast it we know the truth.

If you’re marriage is so great why the need to brag about it?

You said it once why say it again?

Is it because no one is listening and no one cares?

Yes it is lol.

Oddly she never posts anything on her own page even.

Her so called husband the Penn Gillette look alike is a fucking troll submissive.

He likes being dominated by her and her unresolved man hating issues.

He’s probably just as fucked up as she is proving yes there is someone out there for everyone.

Likely they both need to see a therapist.

One of the worst examples of why someone chose a BWWM relationship next to the rat himself.

Her failed music career is another reason she hooked with a man who had a job.

It’s likely she doesn’t work.

Here is an example of why it failed:

“Hello Murph and the Magic Tones cancelled so can you guys fill in tonight?”

Mexican Riviera?

Try mexican shit hole lol drug infested toilet.

Watch out for the cartels who like to kidnap americans and leave the body parts thrown around on the streets of Tiujana you ignorant twit.

The rat himself harassed her many times for dates.

He was rejected repeatedly but kept calling her anyway lol.

Operatives report: She hated him with a passion. Now she is best buddies? Sounds like Evon the moo cow has unresolved rejection issues. She is only posting to vent her anger over being rejected by men in his group. I guess she can’t afford a therapist since she’s blowing her husbands pay check on low end vacations. Her therapy is posting in a known deadbeat dad and stalker/troll forum.

Micole Wesley is a long time troll and rat supporter.

Reported many times in the past as an obese pig and spammer.

She is selling some herbalife type program online.

Check out the ghetto skanks on her page posting lmao.

Lose weight now ask me how. How now brown cow. If it worked how come you are still fat and ugly?

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