Limo Lies Story

He lied to people for years about a “limo service” he claimed he was getting for VIP members.

The facts of that case are disturbing and creepy.

We were able to contact Herb the person in charge of it.

As it turned out there was no “limo service” and was never going to be one.

Herb had been working for an estate that owned a classic rolls royce car.

Herb had no access to it.

Herb was not allowed to joy ride the car as steve implied.

So you see steve had been fabricating this entire “limo” story on the hopes that it would impress ladies and a few extra would show up.

The reason for the story is this imagining and fabricating stories would turn out to be a bench mark for steve and his life in general.

There was never even a chance of a limo service but he insisted on advertising it as such.

Hmm now what other things has be even claimed are taking place in his life that are lies?

Most everything he posts.

So any involvment with women is lies.

When me barks his status updates those are him and him alone saying it.

The women never agree to marry him just like Herb never agreed to use a classic car for a free limo service, it just never happened.

That limo story went on for years and herb was kind of put off when we finally interviewed him about it.

Steve has a long one sided history of lying and fabricating stories.

I think when confronted his response was “ya but it could happen”…ok and how is that if you steal the rolls royce from the people herb works for?

No steve it can’t happen and won’t ever happen because there is no limo and no limo service. Herb doesn’t have access to the car and he drives it only when requested by the owner you lying shitbag.

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