nikita updates: nikita glochowsky

13 Feb

Don’t forget to check out her live cam shows

No haters!

Check out the wording in her comments?

She’s a fucktard illiterate lmao so am sure steve wrote that for her and she copied and pasted it. It’s likely steve is “ghost posting” posting as her since he has her password. She never mentions him, then suddelny she posting using his full name defending herself? Ya right.

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  1. What she doesn’t tell you is she has dozens of OTHER profiles she uses that do not contain “glochowsky” in them.
    Next she has groups for web camming and dancing and of course her private nude peep shows.
    She rarely usues the glochowsky profile and steve is ignored day in day out.
    That is the current pattern.
    After weeks of ignoring boom she jumps in fresh like nothing has changed.
    That’s steve not her trying to keep up his scam.
    Alone again eating.

  2. It was Steve.
    If you look back through threads that dealt with Sophie,Elizabeth, and Tara….
    You’ll see the same pattern of thought.
    “My sweetheart Steve Glochowsky.”
    When his wifey gets called out on whoring herself out in the groups….
    We’re haters.
    Funny thing is….they can’t show one solid proof or reason for the hate. Steve can’t take criticism.
    He doesn’t like when folks spit facts and make him look foolish.
    Especially if it’s a woman.
    If a smart educated woman calls him on his bullshit or clowns him in a post or thread, he will say nothing or block and delete.
    He’s that paranoid for the truth to be exposed…He wants to continue his sham that he’s lord and master of all the BWWM groups.
    Anything he tags his last name to….he controls that profile.
    This is why he exploits young African girls….You can even tell when he post his numerous catfish profiles.
    The wording and the sentence structure are the same.
    After bullshitting for 20 plus years everything is a repetitive pattern.
    We will continue to expose you Steve.

  3. He’s so loved and wanted he sits alone day in day out eating with a thumb up his fat ass.
    “My loving husband”.
    Ya dude you’re lame and no one wants you old timer, we get it.
    Now go make some more fake profiles to use for advertising yourself.
    Steve always thinks attention from another black women will bring in curiosity seekers.
    Then they see the sham and clown show antics and run away.
    Then we hear stories like “she works nights”.
    No that’s not it you are just an idiot liar that no women want to deal with.
    So deal with it asshole.

  4. We truthers have followed his patterns for years, not days or even weeks.
    He doesn’t change his patterns.
    What are 2 things steve does often and always?
    He creates groups and profiles.
    What does nikita do in the same?
    Lots of groups and lots and lots of profiles.
    Hmm now if someone else was doing it I wonder who that would be?

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