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Here is a copy of a letter sent to playproball.com.

Read the letter and it’s clear the person sights rats specific claims as lies “pulling your leg” and out and out fabrications.

He pulls this stuff out of his ass daily.

He also thinks everyone is stupid.

Steve Glochowsky Jr. does not and never will have a 15 million dollar pro ball contract.


Where is he?

So far in the MLB draft Picks Rat jr is no where to be found on either list.

Mock draft or Not there is no way his son is good enough to get on any of these teams.

Have a Look for yourself.



there isn’t a Steven Glochowsky Junior  anywhere on either list from what I can see.

Rat just give it up already, we’ve caught you in every single one of your lies, now answer us this where is he?


Lies are also documented here.

It seems no scout camps are open in/near Chicago until July.

Rat claims “come June he will be a millionaire”.

Follow the pattern of endless lies, myths and half truths.

Everything is exagerated or ball faced lies.

Note the timeline from Oct.

The kid is playing pick up games at the community park.

What about the scholarship?

Rat claimed he was already offered 15 million by the Atlanta Braves.

deabeat rat group post

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