nipple gate: steve glochowsky

15 Feb

Oopsy her nipples should be covered rule just got violated.

Oopsy wonder how that happened?

Oh wait “should be” means maybe or hmm depending if I like it or not.

He’s beating off right now so no he won’t delete it.

With this gaggle of ass parade pics I am convinced she is seeking a serious relationship, not.

How about selling webcam shows or other adult entertainment?

defunct expired: steve glochowsky

15 Feb

Here is one record turn out from 2002.

The count was about 30 people from the group but some were just regular clubbers.

This photo is not group members aside from 3 people.

Steve boasted hundreds and even after the fact said epic record turn out of hundreds.

As time passed people grew bored by it and lack of interest.

Steve of course always lied and always claimed overwhelming response and record turn outs in the hundreds…too many to count.

RSVP lists showed only a few for example actually showed up and were confirmed.

So we have 50 RSVPs but only 6 showed.

That was the average for years yet steve insisted on lying about it to bring in new members.

It didn’t work.

That’s why he’s not promoting it.

He will show up with rat jr playing body guard pushing him in a wheel chair with his heart monitor.

Certain people won’t tolerate his bs especially if he lies to people to get a free hotel room then no one shows up?

Get ready to have your ass handed to you pussbag!

Rat jr can carry you home lmao.

minglefaust: steve glochowsky

14 Feb

See steve this is what “normal” couples do.

No fabricating imaginary online relations, nope.

They are together in real time enjoying time with each other.

You on the other hand are alone, again and failing.

Where is nikita?

Away from you like all the others.

So far away in fact she can’t even takes 15 seconds to wish you a happy vday?

Maybe she’s “working nights”?

20 year anniversary party: steve glochowsky

14 Feb

Have you noticed all his big talk has disappeared?

No hotel info.

No updates.

No day date time etc or venues.

Last time he tried it was 2 hookers from and the magic man.

Magic man has a girlfriend and will not be attending lmao.

“Why does he need a hotel if he lives in shitcago?”

“New hotel rates starting at $199 per night.”

Wet your finger and stick it into a light socket, it will be less painful and boring.

Watching him eat will make anyone hurl.

“Can I get more dipping sauce” as he slurs and smacks his grease and lard.

He’s already used the excuse of nikita needing to come to “help him”.

That aint happening so what’s the excuse now assfuck?

Think fast monkey boy.

The real reason is lack of interest hahaha.

He can’t con enough people so he can get his room for free and even then he’s alone with no support.


Even the locals he brags as life long friends are not friends, online only and they never bother.

Things you won’t see: steve glochowsky

14 Feb

No high fat and high carbs?

You won’t ever see him eating it.

A salad?

Sure as long as it’s coated with ranch dressing or some other fat based dressing.

How about something like pinto beans and some fresh fruit?

Not a chance, he would never touch it.

I doubt he’s ever eaten a piece of fresh fruit in his entire life.

We encouraged him to use better choices for his diet, he cried and refused.

We even offered him ideas for his diet and preparing his own.


Nope he has to have hot food only and it has to be prepared for him.

Seriously this retard can’t even make an egg or a slice of toast without someone bringing it to him.

The morning required eggs and that also must be prepared.

So instead of grabbing a snack it’s drive through windows at mcdonalds etc.

That is why you never see him preparing food at home.

Hell if I was doing photo ops like him I would cook up a few easy dishes and show those just so any ladies would not think me a fool.

Again he proves that daily with his fast food postings and EBT card diet.