One Reply to “proof of: steve glochowsky”

  1. Anyone who puts “Studied Continuous at The University of Hard Knocks”….
    Knuckle head and lonely.
    Nothing but food pics from the catering restaurant he works for at a convention center.
    As far as this so called bracelet.
    You can get these on the cheap from Etsy and Amazon on the cheap.
    Ranges from $ 2.50 to $40 ( depending on size).
    Each color represent a meaning of the Masaai people.
    Who wanna bet this lonely white man is grandstanding on a cultural heritage that he really doesn’t care about.
    Just trying to get brownie points
    Another one with a black woman fetish.
    Who wanna bet he doesn’t wear that all day every day and this is just a “I’m down with WOC” photo op?
    So basically just like Steve he shovels food down his gut and plays the “pitty me” game in the sham group.

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