Staged Photos


rat stl


Keep in mind he has never dated or been in a relationship with any of these women. Nothing but a snap shot for his endless photo op collection. He some how feels this makes him appear worthy and convincing that black women really love and want to be with him. From newspaper ads to phone services to internet trolling for 20 years and 3 failed marriages he still can’t find a mate.


He has butt breath as she pulls away from him as photo was snapped.


I don’t always frequent prostitutes but when I do I prefer them black and hood rat. Her arms hang downward not embracing him. Body language says keep your distance creeper.

5-18-14 rat

Again same women different pose. Look at her arms? Can you say groping and copping a feel? Never dated unless he paid for it.


The next set is classic. The rat is quick to use the term stalking or stalker but he’s been watching too much boob tube and doesn’t even know what it really means. If he does it it’s just normal “I am checking up on her” behavior. If someone else does it or even looks at a web page it’s stalking. In this set we show 2 pics, he stood in line at a bday party to get a staged photo with this wanna be ghetto model promo girl or whatever bullshit job she has (none most likely).




Lurking and trolling like a lonely puppy dog trying to get a sniff.

This is always where he is too, lurking in the shadows.

Steve will later tell people she is his girl and she is in a relationship with him.

One photo is all it takes and he lies for months.


Wow what a difference a few years makes. Butt ugly to fat old and butt ugly plus broke lmao.


rat 2002


The vile pervert with his prostitute Michele Williams.

Note hand squeezing the ass area so you know for certain black women are sexually attracted to him.


Again with the bimbo in a staged photo op. Outside of the 15 seconds they’re not near him ever. This one is also married. He doesn’t tell you that either. Just bragging as if she was on a date with him. Spin master. Marketing fraudster and dirtbag.

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  1. Hmmmmm… Seems he is recycling the same shirts…and dress jacket in some of these pictures….
    The dingy grey jacket with the hideously green shirt…
    That loud blue shiny and it pink blinding twin shirts…
    And of course…the cargo shorts showing off his pale hairy ass legs or the cargo pants in which I think he NEVER takes off…
    Funny how he brags about making all this money… He dresses like he shops at the local flea market…
    Then again he is known for buying cheap ass ” knock offs”…
    Nothing he wears will change that ugly constipated grin or that bloated belly of his in which he crams garbage food into on a daily…
    No wonder the women point and laugh….

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