rat cheating

DH 2

Our operatives had an interview with a lady who knew and dated him back in about 1980.

Golly gee wilickers lookie here.

It appears not only was he married and cheating but cheating while #1 wife was sick.

His first wife he disregards and never speaks of, she was white and jewish.

He has done the same with one of his kids now he claims 2 kids like the third one just disappeared.

Hypocrite and liar yes and he scolds and berates on the evils of cheating and how black women deserve better.

He also apparently lied about being single during this encounter with a black women.

If he was getting that kind of money, he wouldn’t have been living in gang ridden Humboldt Park.  (baseball contract story)

Like most other things in his life Steve pretends something never happened or doesn’t exist if time has passed.

Here is an example post of him preaching and warning about those who use black women for sex.

We have documentation of her statements that he indeed used her for sex while he was married.

7-3-15 hypocrite glochowsky


2 Replies to “Cheating

  1. What a fucking loser.

    All his so called friends have moved on or died.

    The nigerian is back in town but she refuses to speak to his stinky butt breath ass.

    His kid moved the fuck out and won’t talk to him either lmao.

    What part of this doesn’t reek of LOSER?

    Now a lady from 35 years ago is saying the same GD thing?

    Career loser and deadbeat and compulsive liar.

    Suck the shit Steve.

    The only thing you have to look forward to is long nights alone with your worthless baseball card collection and knock off sports ware and that AARP discount card lmao.


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