Steve Glochowsky: US spousal visa

7 Jun

Here is a great website with DETAILED info on the process.

Just by his knee jerk off the cuff remarks you can tell he knows (like most things) nothing about it or even where to start.

He says he’s going to march to the US embassy in kenya and demand a visa lmao.

No it has to be obtained from the USA immigration department.

Bumble fuck quiver step oopsy.


Steve Glochowsky: Hijacked profile fakery

7 Jun

6-7-15 rat

Follow me: talking shit, prefer, twat, those are all commonly used by the rat.

She’s amazingly well versed in american slang lingo all of a sudden?

He is manipulating her profile or he’s prompting her on what to say.

Evon moo: I have a great idea, shut that cakehole and start working out instead of sitting on your fat ass eating and posting in the deadbeat dad group.

Steve Glochowsky: We my ass

7 Jun

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 8.23.26 AM

As in previous posts there is no “we” anything.

It is him and him alone.

We is who?

You and the cats mother?

We is you and the mystery person?

Imaginary friends?

There is NO we.

I documented this pattern 2 days ago and it’s already happening.

He already stated he is “traveling to kenya first” but now it’s “we are working on immigration details”.

First off there would be no need or point to working on immigration unless it was a fiance’ visa.

If she wanted to immigrate here she would have done so long ago without him.

He’s already explaining away and changing his previous statements.

We love the playing along as a Christian “God bless you” lmao all the while being a Christ denying jew.

Depending on how rigid her faith is she may shut him down on that and that alone.

He barked all the same bullshit with michele williams the whore including 3 wedding dates.

He still tells some men he is engaged to her but he never bought a ring.

He posted about it for months and months on myspace and some on FB until it one day just stopped.

Truth discovered was he never really was “engaged” to her anymore than he is engaged to this third world urchin sophie.

He assigns titles without even asking so he will just dictate “we are engaged and it doesn’t matter and ring or not it’s the same thing”.

There is no ring or wedding date and they have never met?

Ya that sounds normal to me skippy let us know how “we” works out for ya mmk.

Steve “Salt daddy” Glochowsky

7 Jun

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 7.46.38 AM


Rat doesn’t even have enough money to be a splenda daddy, let alone full blown sugar. He tried the “sugar daddy” thing with the whore but we all know how that turned out.

He claimed to have met the whore “in da club” when fat ugly rat would be laughed at even if he made an attempt to approach a women “in da club”.

Now he’s so desperate that he is still trying to import a wife without the proper funds.

Maybe to someone in the third world urchin looking for their golden ticket to America he might be. The reality is just like his shitty diet he is full of SALT.

I bet it won’t be long before his “wifey gurl” starts asking for money through western union.

Steve Glochowsky: has not aged well

6 Jun




OMG what’s that shit hanging under his chin? Fat deposits?


Stress and bad diet take their toll.

Comb over boy looks tired and worn out from stress.

Life in the real world has not been easy on the rat.

Now he has to travel to kenya to try and get a sniff because no one local or elsewhere is biting.

Get that mri done and full physical with your doctor including a full blood panel including STD screening.

That alone will scare him off let alone the travel expenses.

Notice already he talks in the “the clubs in chicago rock and you will attend when you come here”.

You will notice less and less of him barking big travel plans and more of him talking about her coming to chicago.

Go back and look at the archives for anything he’s gone on about.

It has 3 phases, 1 Hyper excited and anything is possible 2 changes and we are taking things slow 3 stops talking about it at all.


Steve Glochowsky: The protector of nothing

5 Jun

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 9.38.58 AM


Boasting and bragging welcoming another third world urchin.

He claims excellent wives but he’s never met her.

He would say never mind it doesn’t matter and it’s the same thing because we talk on the phone 3 hours per day and she loves me.


He wants to believe it so badly he’s forcing his brain to bleed from it.

He perpetuates his delusions until they dry up and blow away.

Then he’s forced, without a word to retool (pun intended) and start over.

How many times he we seen and heard this before? (Like the loaves and fishes it just keeps going on and on and on forever)

I guess giving up is not an option.

Lying has never been a problem going back to 1980.

He tries to play the hero and protector to black women.

He is a coward and hid out from child support for 20 years after abandoning all three of his kids, but he now claims 2, even more lies.

Coward, liar and deadbeat dad and protector of nothing.

Protector of nothing, boss of nothing and owner of nothing.

Steve Glochowsky: The groups work

5 Jun

6-5-15 rat

Sure the groups work.

They have always worked…for normal people who have stable incomes and decent jobs.

In 20 years of trolling these groups he has yet to find a mate but the groups work he says.

A few years back he preached the opposite “go to club meet women off line”.

He always maintained he met the whore michele williams in a club but he met her on a whore website.

Boasting today about his new chat buddy from kenya who he claims to be engaged to.

The groups work if you are a loser and troll desperately for third world urchins just because they’re black.

Seems to me if you wanted a woman from kenya there would be plenty right here already.

You have to import poverty and distance to hide the truths.

Mainly broke and pretending to be stable.

The nigerian saw right through your bullshit and ran back home and kept looking.

This again is the reason you want to import, keeping the secrets hidden from an ignorant third world urchin.

He has bypassed the entire US population and gone straight to third world poverty.

He would tell you it is by his choice.

No one by choice chooses someone to marry who lives on the other side of the planet and has not dollar one to begin the very long process of meeting and bring them here.

7,986 mi
Distance from Chicago, IL to Kenya
He’s stroking himself like a big ego boost that he thinks a younger black woman is into him.
Yep it is you and you a such a great catch.
Asians, hispanics and Africans are all standing in line desperately trying to find American husbands.
They will marry any American regardless.
See Steve they just want to get the fuck out of the third world shithole and will lie and tell you anything they need to get the deed done.
You of course are too stupid to figure it out.
Next she will be asking you to process a check for her from first bank of nigeria.