Steve Glochowsky: snubs and ignores

17 Oct

Day 2 and whining and complaining continues.

These crusty old fat bitches not getting any play.

Nothing else to do so they complain and again complain…about the same thing.

Aficants are supported over American black women it seems right steve?

No so confused because ya all did not wanna be called black so that got changed to african american…Now you want some new title?

Fuck off!

Steve Glochowsky: dick pics

17 Oct

the steve is the one doing it, it that mz atticus finch?
Suck this nikita meat beata.

Another lecture about men and dick pics.

Steve has a long history of sending and flashing himself on cam.

Are these people fucking tards or what?

It’s the internet moron and in an open forum singles group of course you will get those.

How about ignoring it and moving on?

Nope., it requires discussion and a 500 word essay by OP.


Steve Glochowsky: fake profile

16 Oct

Looks like steve is trolling his own group for action.

Behind the scenes this is his destiny.

A limp dick submissive who will take orders from some fat black bitch in exchange for free room and board.

He gets free toe sucking once a month.

Yard work, cleaning, cooking lmao.

You know it’s him because he’s homeless again.

Fran encourages this deviate behaviors but steve says it’s not a sex or swinging group.

Last time I checked bondage and sugar mommy is not a main stream dating category.

My name is steve gochowsky and I approved this message. (bitchboy)